Understanding anti-normalization in Palestinian society
Rami Elhanan
Published: 07.11.17, 23:54
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1. Important to treat "Palestinians" as mortal foes they are
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.08.17)
This article makes as much sense as claiming, "We must work together to build immensely important bridges between America and ISIS". It is totally, dangerously and insanely divorced from reality.

"Palestinians" are Israel's mortal foes and they do everything humanly possible to prove it by hurting us every way they can every chance they get.
2. Another Radical Leftist angle to deceive Jews into surrender
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.08.17)
3. No, I am not willing to understand Arabs murderous instincts
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.08.17)
4. What's so hard to comprehend, Yahud? We are incompatible
with Islam/Koran/Muslim thinking.
End of story, end of idiotic search for "bridges".
There's only one way to achieve "coexistence" with that deadly form of fascism and that's through military power, threat of annihilation and general pressure/supression on the Muslim ambitions for world-dominance.
See, isn't so hard to understand ......
5. "Understanding" is indeed the key-word that's totally
Delphi   (11.08.17)
incomprehensible to so many of us, Israelis.
What all of our Piss-Process freaks refuse to do, is "understanding" the values of Islam, meaning: NO Jews in the Middle East preferably, NO Jews at all!
6. john kerry swiftboats israel
iraj   (11.08.17)
kerry's ignorance on security is astounding which has people questionning what he really did in viet nam. only an imbecile would say that stationing idf troops at a jordanian airport, and stockpile weapons and being able to go into west bank if local police forces could not stop terror, only a royal idiot would say that assures security.

kerry should not have even be allowed to lauch his missions which only encouraged terror and revanchism.

kerry's work make chamberlain look like a war hero. he is a first class dunce. his only accomplishment in his life was marrying a rich heiress. other than that there is nothing.

7. its not a palestinian thing, its pervert to ask an occupied
epo   (11.08.17)
oppressed ppl to "normalize" with their abusers.

alone that this topic comes up, only shows that you all are not right in the head.

they want their country, and they want you fucking off.
thats a legitimate demand.
you deny it.

and not only this, you systematically traumatize and persecute them.

you feel so right with this, that you are "disappointed" and "offended" when they turn away from you.

please see already how pervert you became.
8. They could have had a democracy, too!
Verred, Israel   (11.08.17)
"...at the end of the day, the Palestinians returned to their refugee camps and to the humiliating occupation, and the Israelis returned to their convenient democracy." And why is this? They could have a democracy. This is the crux of the whole issue. They have been ruined by their leadership who has used the Peace Process as a way to become astronomically rich (Abbas is a billionaire, with a B, see Forbes list) and who do not care one whit about the Palestinians.
9. 'understanding' Palestinian anti normalization?
tiki ,   belgium   (11.08.17)
'Understanding' is the crux of the Palestinian Arab misery.

There is nothing to understand.
Every conflict can be solves through dialogue.

'Understanding' only serves those who want to prolong it.

The state the're in after so many years only proves my point.

Mr. Elhanan, you're not helping them.....on the contrary.
10. The universal enemy of the Palestinians is the Kremlin
r345   (11.08.17)
The Palestinians leaders were have been corrupted

and weaponized by the Kremlin.

All Palestinian scholars could unite and liberate the people
from their corrupted leaders.

It would be the path to a peaceful co-existence.
11. Everyone is 'right'
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.08.17)
Hardline Zionists are 'right'. Hardline Palestinian rejectionists are 'right'. All other shades of opinion are 'right'. So, there is no problem. People will continued to be killed and wounded. Peace movements will continue to do their thing. As long as Israeli Jews on the one hand and Palestinian Arabs on the other can be portrayed as bad people we will all get along fine.
12. Arabs AKA 'palestininas'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.08.17)
will never accept Israel's claims of legitimacy in her repossessing her own ancient land.
You might however start with the premise Israel isn't 'occupied' by Jews it's illegally occupied by Arabs.
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