Netanyahu in message to Hamas: 'There are no free gifts'
Ahiya Raved
Published: 06.11.17, 14:07
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1. be explicit
jon   (11.06.17)
no return until live israelis and remains of others returned.beyond, leadership is on notice.

bibi is a very weak man and hamas notices it. the last time they held out, they got 1000 to 1. go to the damn gymnasium and grow some courage.
2. media and sub affair
martin   (11.06.17)
likud complains about bibi and the sub affair ie how could all this alleged corruption occcur by people around bibi? Was he asleep? Or did he know?

i have no idea about that. however,the media would be better off doing an expose on bibi's commando days by interviewing colleagues, superiors etc. there is something here that does not make sense. he seems to have no military instincts, in the gaza war, he was clueless and had to be dragged to the tunnel fight by bennett. on his own, he seemed to have only 1 idea-do nothing.

again and again, he talks and talks and does nothing. check his commando history. i believe the answer lies in what happened to him there.

there is a time to be cautious and not go on adventures. but being paralyzed into inaction is another. in the gaza war, he raced to a ceasefire before haniyeh did and before the tunnels were dealt with in 1 proposal.israelis waited and waited for days and weeks on end and bibi had to be dragged pushing and screaming into the fight. this is not caution. this is something else. having a good attack plan of course takes some time. but the tunnels at a minimum were an issue. shapira condemned bibi. everyone saw that he was paralysed by inaction for days on end.

3. Tell his corruptible wife "there is no free lunch" for us.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.06.17)
4. vows to bring our boys home
beryl   (11.06.17)
netanyah vows to bring our boys home. horsefeathers- the goldins are still waiting. the only way bibi brings them home is 1000 to 1 trade. you think bibi would take haniyeh or other hamasniks captive in a lightening raid. not on your life would he authorize it. you think he would authorize a seizure of gaza land to trade-no chance.

what he wants to do and what he is willing to do are night and day. you can take bibi promises and throw them in the garbage can. he is a royal bullsh*t artist.
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