Bereaved mother tells Netanyahu: 'What are you waiting for, the next disaster?'
Moran Azulay, Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 06.11.17, 15:53
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1. Do you really think he.....
Tony ,   Port Elizabeth   (11.06.17)
cares? Not!
2. Bibi has done his bit, time to ease him out of his misery.
He’s lacking both the vision as well as guts to lead us to either “Glory” or “blood& tears “....
3. you are wasting your time with netanyahu
harold   (11.06.17)
bibi who in reality is another pacifist like herzog and gabbay. he is reported to have offered most of the west bank to abbas at various points in past negotiations. he even considered offering the golan. i doubt that he knows how to read a map.

you are wasting your time hoping he delivers.

bennnett is 10 x the soldier and man that bibi ever was. in the meantime, form self defense militias, and acquire arms left right and centre, legally. if a terror intruder shows up, shoot him. all able bodied should be armed. learn from the arabs who are excellent with guns. literally born with them.

bibi was shot, lay drowning in egyptian waters during his war time days, and has never overcome the panic and fear of that moment. he is not fit to lead israel and was only there because herzog, livni and olmert were no match in comparison, 2 cowards and a dunce.

bibi cannot lead a successful war against nasrollah. he has no idea of what that war would look like and no idea of how to attack lebanon.

he writes well, speaks very well, and means well. he should have taken his father's advice to be a press attache or foreign spokesman.

he is not fit to lead israel in battle.
4. @Roger Rothschild
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.06.17)
No business of yours to tell these people to move.
5. Maggie Thompson
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.06.17)
Nothing illegal about living in J & S.
6. These people are salt of the earth and the future of Israel.
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (11.07.17)
Please help them as soon as possible.
7. Why do so many Israelis live over the Green Line?
Homer ,   Israel   (11.07.17)
So many Israelis live over the Green Line for the most part because of economics. They can afford to buy apartments, town-houses and/or "stand alone" houses with backyards over the Green Line.

Most of the people who live over the Green Line can NOT afford to buy apartments, town-houses and/or "stand alone" houses with backyards inside the Green Line (read the State of Israel) because inside the Green Line people are living inside of an artificially created real estate bubble where prices put owning any form of housing completely out of reach for most of the people!

All that said, there are, of course, some cases of "die-hard" ideologues: people who live over the Green-Line because they firmly believe that it assists the State of Israel. Truth be told they are wrong! The so-called "settler enterprise" has been forced to become nothing more or less than a group of what increasingly appears to be a group of people who are bravely behaving as if holding the entire country and the government hostage to their minority will is the correct way to behave!

You may disagree, of course, it is your privilege and right to disagree. But then as part of your disagreement please answer:
How is it that in less than two weeks the protesters from over the Green Line have been rewarded with millions and millions of shekels while the handicapped citizens of the State of Israel who have been protesting for months have received absolutely NOTHING? How is that?
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