Lebanon’s last chance to save itself
Giora Eiland
Published: 08.11.17, 10:03
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1. Why doesnt the world SPEAK UP!
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.08.17)
When Hezbollah-Iran have blatantly taken over control of the South from which to launch their own wars of aggression into Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian West Bank leaving Lebanon in harms way

Now brazenly attempting to expand their military in the North that threatens Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Egypt

Lebanon has taken so much from the Hezbollah Iran bullying

Not any more
2. First Giora Eiland opinion that makes some sense, just some
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.08.17)
3. Mark Sherry, FB, stop whining
C   (11.08.17)
you have been complaining for many years that your relatives are in
harm's way since they serve in the us armed forces.
maybe it is time for them to leave the military and rejoin civilian life.

ironically, the number of american civilians killed in terror attacks and
in other mass murders will soon reach the number of americans
killed in combat since the towers went down.

war should always be the last option, but it should not be an option
never exercised.
4. It is too late!
Ben ,   Harrisburg   (11.09.17)
No western nation or Israel will expend any more troops and lives on the Lebanese quagmire. The Iranians are willing to expend Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese lives and may even commit some of the RG units when they smell victory, but we can all forget about the French, Brits or Americans serving up any more dead soldiers for the cause. The only way this gets resolved is for the Sunni, Maronites and Druz to forge an alliance and stick to it. Sadly, the key component here are the Lebanese Druz and so long as the Iranians promise them semi autonomy, they will never be a reliable partner. The resolution to this mess will take place when the Iranian government changes, and it will. Another gulf war is on the horizon, but the players will be very different. When that war is over (And the conclusion will be a very bloody loss for Iran) the situation in Lebanon will change. Without its patrons in Tehran, Hizbollah will cease to function. The bigger question for Lebanon is rather or not Hizbollah will drag it into another war with Israel before this happens.
5. More nonsense
Avi L.   (11.11.17)
"international coalition that would pressure the Lebanese president to change the situation in his country" made by Mickey, Donald, the seven Dwarves and to muscle it in order they mean business why not The Hulk (the green one).

France any influence in Lebanon? Maybe making some promotion on luxury hotels in Paris, beyond this and after the Dakar barracks terror attack, France power is zero.

Once more Giora talks as if Lebanon wasn't hostage and Aoun wasn't a mere puppet inside of which Iran's hand is moving.

"option, stage, commitments, demand, withdraw, demand, commitment, according to the instructions of Lebanon’s legal government, declaration, responsible, calm on the Israeli border" and why not "peace on earth"?
Looks good on some power point with some crest on top of the screen, sounds pipedream in the reality.

NATO? The NATO with islamist Turkey inside, the same that invaded Syria to destroy Kurdistan? That one? Beyond the facts that thanks to Donald NATO is in turmoil and that NATO is a defensive alliance that has no mandate in Lebanon?

Donald? You have to point Lebanon with a finger for him to know were it is, LOL.

Telling fairy tales for the last years to Israelis means misrepresenting reality and influencing in the wrong way their opinion, their votes and in the end Israel politics.

There is no blabla pipe dream power point solution.

"Know it all" professional pundits shouldn't mislead Israeli citizens just because it "make business sense".
6. Hezbollah
Hezbollah ready in Golan
7. Some sense, stop waiting for Godot
Avi L.   (11.12.17)
If allowed, it would be worth to cite a sentence from another newspaper
"A Saudi minister has made the near impossible demand that Lebanese act against a group that is a major part of Lebanon's political fabric and far more powerful than the weak state, with a guerrilla army that out guns the national military."

It is much better written and explains that expecting Lebanon to get rid of Iran is a dangerous wishful thinking.

Lebanon, the hostage, cannot free itself from Iran's minions and allies.

Apparently, Lebanon cannot even protect its own prime minister from being kidnapped by the Saudis.

Telling Israelis that there are some "expert's solutions", some cavalry just waiting to come and save the day is dangerous, because it lulls Israelis into a dreamlike state instead of staring into the reality of an inevitable painful and bloody conflict.

Waiting for some Godot in the person of France, NATO, Donald, the Saudis is irresponsible.

The FBI is slowly but surely chewing its way into Donald indictment, and if Sanders becomes president it would get nasty beyond despair.

The rest doesn't count anything.

Stop waiting for Godot, accept reality.

Please, stop proposing to flatten Lebanon or some other unrealistic pipe dream for lack of better ideas.
8. Some more sense
Avi L.   (11.13.17)
Some more sense

"Hezbollah controls Lebanon, and the prime minister and parliament’s roles are empty. In other words, Lebanon is a country under Iranian occupation."

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