PM: Seeing the Balfour Declaration as a crime is the root of the Israeli-Arab conflict
Moran Azulay
Published: 07.11.17, 19:14
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1. Wrong, ha'Bub: it's Islam, stupid....
2. What is the root of the crime of Netanyahu's "Golden Era"?
Albion   (11.08.17)
Is it the abuse of power? Is it the use of his friends and advisers who have allegedly committed crimes?
What is the root of the crime of Netanyahu's golden era?
3. Suspecting more Russian than Arab trolls in these posts
r546   (11.08.17)
The worst enemy of the Arab people has been the Kremlin.

Generation of Arab leaders were corrupted by the Kremlin.

This has been the great crime.
4. speeches speeches
hy   (11.08.17)
to be sovereign, Israelis can do with less speeches. this is all netanyahu does-gives speeches.

general dagan would say that bibi would never take a decision, and responsibility. he wanted guarantees and that others should assume the decision. if it worked out, then he could own it.

this is the son that ben tzion raised??/ What the hell was going on in that family to raise such a person.

of course it is not just bibi. look at the sons and daughters of the first generation-livni who is a total flop. an adherent of john kerry whose security credentails belong in the garbage can. olmert who ended up in the slammer. burg who doesn't know who the hell he is and changes politics like his underwear. and herzog who could not be more different thatn his esteemed father. it seems that the parents all did lousy jobs in raising the youngsters. look how they turned out.

instead of giving an order to define the number and nature of tunnels in the beginning of the gaza war and to take them out, he said they had been raised at a cabinet meeting. so what you moron-what was the plan to take them out? and only when bennett forced yaalon and bibi, did they take them out belatedly and not willingly. no leader acts like this- do nothing. (lapid was right with bibi during the war showed no curiosity on what to do about tunnels).

so bibi falls back on speeches.

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