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Texas gunman shot babies at point-blank range
Associated Press
Published: 07.11.17, 22:00
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1. Insanity is defined as being driven by demons (Gesenius'
Rivkah   (11.08.17)
Hebrew and Chaldean Lexicon). This crime illustrates how rabidly demons hate humans. The shooter is in the worst place in hell, the place for mass murderers. Satan is a murderer and reading Scriptures daily and praying and praising and thanking haShem for protection from haSatan is necessary. Listen to holy music instead of profane music. Governors need to hire and pay for Prayer Warriors who dance and sing hymns and praise and thank and pray to haShem for their work day as well as travelling to cities and areas to pray over the cities and people and rebuke the demonic powers and even hurricanes in seeking haShem's mercies for protection. Israel has dancing Orthodox Jews people laugh at but are most helpful in protecting the nation in the spiritual realm. Mental health facilities need to play hymns and prayerful music to drive out demons instead of pretending haShem does not exist.
2. The American answer/"cure" to the problem? Allow guns in
Delphi   (11.08.17)
Do you see why, what they deserve from us a shrug and "suit yourselves"...??
3. It isn't guns it's the mentally ill who have guns.
BBB   (11.08.17)
Murder is accomplished without guns.
Hands are weapons
and for some liberals
the jawbone of an ass.
4. America is like a junkie.
Roger ,   Vancouver   (11.12.17)
Every decision they make regarding war, attacking and bombing small nations,distributing assault weapons to anybody who wants to buy them.
They have to hit rock bottom, before they can recover and start over.
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