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Natalie Portman honored in Israel with 'Jewish Nobel Prize'
Associated Press
Published: 08.11.17, 09:25
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1. Mazal Tov and girl: start being less PC! Then again, not:
it would probably ruin your career...
2. Hilarious
GB   (11.09.17)
You lost lost me at “deep connection to her jewish roots”.... hahahah she leaves Israel for money, becomes rich and stays out of the country, has a kid with a non jew (not that there’s anything wrong with non Jews) and she’s is honoured. Pathetic
oleg ,   Florida   (11.13.17)
stupid move by Israel. She is an Obama lover. She should not have been honored because of her views. She criticized Bibi openly overseas. SHE SEES ISRAEL AS AN OCCUPIED POWER. FUXK HER. STAY IN HOLLYWOOD AND YOUR CONDO IN PARIS. WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT WHO NEEDS ENEMIES. GOD BLESS ISRAEL AND ITS SOLDIERS.
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