Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
Let’s stop lying to ourselves about a Palestinian state
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 08.11.17, 23:49
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1. "extended autonomy" = extended apartheid
Z.Latz ,   israel   (11.09.17)
2. About time. This is why Netanyahu is 2nd best Israeli PM.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.09.17)
3. 12 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do them the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.09.17)
4. What does God say
Lucienne ,   Grizzly Flats Ca   (11.09.17)
My dear, have you read your Bible? Who did God give the Holy Land to?
5. So...
Growl   (11.09.17)
... it's Apartheid, then. Check.
6. only one liar I see and that is the author. Libtard
danny ,   America   (11.09.17)
Israel has been given no choice. The Abassholes and the Hamassholes stated when confronted with Mr. Trump and the whole world about incitement and their right to not give it up. So we uncover the lie. Israel would have gave away much more than any sane person would have but to no avail. Trump shined a light on the Arabs and now we have a peace plan. Fakeisstan you are SOL!
Truth Trumps finally!
7. Incoherent
Albert ,   Stamford   (11.09.17)
This is most confusing incoherent arcticle.
8. A false expectation
yitz ,   troy   (11.09.17)
It is difficult for many not on the ground there to understand that, in my opinion, neither side wants any significant change to the current condition. Similarly both sides understand that neither side could possibly live with the demands made by the other. Israel will never give up land or ownership or reparations or return. Land for peace sounds good but is ridiculous. I could make the same argument that the Palestinian leadership, not its citizens, want the responsibility of governance, losing the UN handouts, and losing it's "victim" status.
9. the answer
pc and company ,   LEHIGHACRES FL USA   (11.09.17)
its time ynet prints a copy of the serenity prayer
10. The Federation alternative
Samek Mokryn ,   Framingham   (11.09.17)
I agree that two fully independent state solution is dead for simple reason: nobody really wants it; Palestinians want really the whole Israel as their state, while Israel is afraid of Palestinian state actions and at least some part of Israeli public wants some form of access to the West Bank and most of Jerusalem.
Hence Netanyahu maybe right stating that the model of modern sovereignty with no boundaries should be reexamined.
One possible solution is a 2 state federation of the form working so well for US: each state with its own government and ideas, while the purpose of the federal government is to "establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity" (Preamble of the US Constitution).
The economy would be common, so do the prosperity. Not simple but durable. IMHO
11. That's OK Araman on FB. Israel shouldn't concede to Arabs.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.09.17)
While you Arabs keep going backwards, Israel makes giant leaps forward
12. Muslims are potential lethal danger to any society,including
Delphi   (11.09.17)
their own.
Thus creating another terrorist entity practically in our midst, would be a step only undertaken by deranged people.
Although we do have quite a few, fortunately they're a minuscule minority.
The so called "Palestinians& Gazans" are a particularly nasty branch of Arabs and they must be kept at two-arms length, preferably with BIG guns in our hands!
About time our cowardly politicians started saying this out loud.
13. good article by hendel but no lies
arieh   (11.09.17)
hendel says no pm believes in return to 67 borders with minor swaps or corrections. i like hendel's article but truth must be told. livni, herzog, olmert believed and advanced ideas for 67 borders with swaps. bennett does not believe in it feiglin does not believe in it. netanyahu doesn't like it but because he is extremely weak,and i mean extremely so, he gave in to obama and even agreed to it when he almost brought herzog into his govt. bibi may talks differently at times, but he doesn't have the strength of his conviction to tell trump, or kerry and obama-no..

bibi doesnt talk about a different kind of soverignty publically because he is gutless. as for the usual oppostion, they are still wedded to oslo with all its evident pitfalls.

israel can simply not exist if it doesn't absolutely control security and space. it should broadcast 24/7 to arab youngsters who lived in ramle, hebron, jenin, and the rest of judea and samaria.

hendel is correct in that zionist union politicians have encouraged arab rejectionism by their concessions. thoiugh gabbay moves slightly to the centre, he is stiill forced to adopt the ramon herzog livni plan of you guessed it-67 borders plus swaps. that won't work even if hashem came down from the heavens
14. Actually, we *did* say this long ago. Rather, Rabin did.
Raymond in DZc ,   Washington, USA   (11.09.17)
Handel suggests Netanyahu has been lying all along, only believing the Palestinians would get a "state minus". But the left's hero Rabin, in his last speech to the Knesset, insisted the Palestinians would get "less than a state", with Israel maintaining security control, including retaining the Jordan Valley. Contrary to the final deal that "everyone knows", those not self-deluded know that imposing a fully sovereign Palestine poses a security nightmare, just as a "shared capital" - unprecedented in human history - is simply not viable.
15. The simple question Israel faces with "Palestinians"
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.09.17)
Suppose someone was constantly trying to murder you. Some days they attacked you with a knife. Some days they shot at you. Some days they did both. Some days they bombed your home. They also organized gangs of thugs to attack you and murder you. They constantly destroyed your property. They spread hatred about you far and wide.

How would you treat such a person? Would you beg them to talk peace with you? Would you offer them part of your home? Or would you act sanely, and deal with them as the murderous thug they are?

This is the simple question Israel faces with "Palestinians".
16. This is the most ANTI-Jewish thing ever
David   (11.10.17)
As a lover of the nation and people of Israel, denying a neighborouring people of the fundamental rights of a human is:

1) The most anti-Jewish stance ever

2) Bound to cause existential threats to the state of Israel in the near to mid future

3) Just plain stupid - Israeli's are being suckered into think in binary terms when they are one of the most intelligent and creative people on earth. Its time Israeli minds who love Israel and understand the dignity of humanity is not defined by one's religion or ethnicity but by the fact they are created in God's image - these minds in Israel need to lead a new enlightment whereby the people of Israel can live in peace with all their neighborours, Jewish and non-Jewish.

17. Bibi didn't lie, he said it already at Bar-Ilan
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.12.17)
Read again his Bar-Ilan speech of 2009. He said that the Pals must recognize Israel as the national state of the Jews, that there can be no return of refugees to Israel, that the Pal state must be demilitarized, that Israel's security needs must be assured, that Jerusalem must remain united under Israeli rule, that Israel must have secure borders. All he has done recently is to spell that out in more detail: demilitarization means less than full sovereignty, security needs includes controlling the line along the Jordan river, and secure borders means no return to the pre-1967 lines. Hendel marred an otherwise intelligent article by spurious claims of lying.
18. As if history has asked for Mr. Netanyahu's advice.
Sane Israeli ,   No longer m   (11.13.17)
Or, for any advice whatsoever coming from yet another one of his endless line of blind followers, servants and for-profit supporters. The only alternatives are either establishing the independent Palestinian state, or annexing whole Judea and Samarea, providing the millions of Arabs living there with full Israeli citizenship and the voting right for the parliament in Jerusalem, thus essentially erasing the special status Judaism enjoys today under the more limited boundaries among which full sovereignty is practiced.
19. That's right. No more lies.
Brad   (11.14.17)
Let's have truth instead. Here goes. 1) There's no such thing as a Palestinian state. 2) There never was such a thing as a Palestinian state. 3) There never were any Palestinian people. 4) That means there aren't any now either. 5) There was, and is, the nation of Israel. 6) Anyone who stands against Israel stands against the Biblical God. 7) Israel will endure, it's enemies will disappear. Don't believe me, read it for yourself in the Bible.
20. # 19 Brad, Amen Buddy!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.17.17)
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