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Russian tycoon funds digitizing Jewish manuscript collection
Associated Press
Published: 08.11.17, 12:05
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1. Online?
y   (11.08.17)
The klutzes from the Israel government returned the Russian Compound in Jerusalem to the RF for nothing and it was a prime REAL estate. And what we get from them is an ONLINE scan of books collection. How dumb can one be...
2. WOW! Who woulda thunk it?
BBB   (11.08.17)
Islam needs more Muslims like this.

One who values history that led the way for Islam and their own religion.
What a refreshing change to the normal Jew hating, anti semitic never ending flow of Islamic hatred.
Bravo Sir!!!
Mazel Tov.
3. # 1 Call it liberalism.
BBB   (11.08.17)
Israel forgets some key parts of her own history and edicts,

" an eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth
a life for a life."

I believe Israel MUST have the death penalty for terrorists.
The pre death sentence should also include rubbing the bullet with pig fat before being fired.

Thanks Gen. Sherman.
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