Opinion  Aviad Kleinberg
Equal rights? Not for everyone apparently
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 09.11.17, 10:39
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1. Nothing Imbecile Kleinberg writes is worth a moment reading
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.09.17)
2. Key-word:"Human rights"- but we're talking Muslim murderers&
their sympathizers here, so where's the connection??!!
Kleinberg is exceptionally deranged individual and we can only have pity on his poor parents.
3. The author is a lunatic
Gene   (11.09.17)
Just as example, he writes: "This is reflected in the Jews’ feeling that Israel’s Arabs are interested in the state’s destruction (a view which isn’t expressed by the Arab respondents) ..." Arabs "respondents" have 13 representatives in Knesset whom they choose to represent their views: Tibi, Zoabi... Listen to any one of them, any one. Leftists are just blind and deaf to the facts.
4. Equal Rights
Zvi ,   Holon   (11.09.17)
Did anybody asked the reversed questions to Arabs
5. Apartheid?
Laurence ,   Oak Park   (11.09.17)
I am not disputing the various problems experienced by Palestinians and other groups, including the disparity between them and Israelis. But the use of the word apartheid is incorrect. Israelis are not a minority controlling a majority. Call it discrimination, and call out many Israelis for feeling as they do. But calling the situation in Israel apartheid is incorrect.
6. Apartheid ????
Marcos ,   M9ontevideo   (11.09.17)
In relation to what the author wrote, I am struck by the fact that he says that the Arabs are the originals of the place without giving any argument, I am only going to give one of them, it would be good if you read
. read the parasha of this week in which Abraham buys the cave of Majpela to bury Sara. Besides they are not Palestinians because they never existed, they are Arabs just like any Arab who lives in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, etc. They do not have their own language or their own culture. the Jews who live in Uruguay make the oath to the flag and it is a form of loyalty to the country. On the other hand, the Arabs took control of the metal detectors to enter the Temple Mount, when in Mecca they are forced to control. Also how much loyalty or solidarity do Arabs have when there is an attack in Israel that affects Jews or in other parts of the world ??? They never say anything, they celebrate. It would be good if the article were compared with the situation of Jews in Arab countries, how many public representatives of the communities are there? How many Jewish universities are there? How many Jewish journals are there ??? In the end when the Arabs considered Yerushalaim how capital ??? NEVER
7. Who was here first?
Marius van Handel ,   Modiin Illit   (11.09.17)
Thought-provoking article, which shows good understanding of current politics. However, the notion that Arab Moslems are the original inhabitants of Israel is simply false (unless you believe that Arab Moslems are Philistines; but then you probably also believe that Jews are Canaanites). In Roman times the population was very mixed. With the collapse of Roman, Byzantine and Apostolic Christians dominated Israel, although there was also a Jewish population. When the Caliphate invaded Israel, they were constantly in fear of a Christian resurgence, which eventually happened during the Crusades. Egyptian Mamluks eventually overcame the Christians, but were more interested in destroying Christian population than in replacing it. After 200 years, the Mamluks were defeated by the Turks. During all this time the population of Israel was very small. The last Turkish census counted 80,000 Jews and 120,000 Arabs in Israel + Jordan. Neither population was a majority due to the large number of other long-time inhabitants: Circassians, Apostolic Christians, Byzantine Christians, the very powerful Druze, Samaritans, etc.
When the British defeated the Turks in World War I, they augmented the Moslem population considerably by bringing in Muslims from other parts of the British empire, to balance the rapidly increasing Jewish population. So it is useless to speak about aboriginal populations. If there were such a thing, it would be either Jewish or Christian. However, all of that is too much subject to each person's personal narrative to be of any value. The rights of Israeli Arabs derive from their presence here, not from any historic priority. The same applies to Jews, Apostolic Christians, Byzantine Christians, Armenians, Circassians, Druze, etc. etc., all of whom have deep roots in Israel (sorry if I did not mention your favorite ethnic group, but there are too many to remember them all). We must get along because we are here and we are not leaving. That goes for everybody. This is the only constructive way to move forward. This is addressed to everyone: Arabs, Haredim, secular Israelis, and all minorities.
8. The truth can never be racist
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.10.17)
Kleinberg notes that a majority of Jews (52.5 percent) believe Israel’s Arab citizens are interested in the state’s destruction. Countless polls have proven this is correct. As do the actions of Israeli Arab political parties. The truth can never be racist. Thousands of Israelis have already paid with their lives and wellbeing for Israel paying homage to leftist denial of obvious reality.
9. Now, here's a thought
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.14.17)
If there are skills shortage in the building industry there is a ready potential supply of labour in those sectors of the Jewish population characterised by extremely large families. Make the training part of an alternative to military service and two problems may be solved at the same time.
10. muslims are there for trouble.
brad   (11.15.17)
With preferential treatment of course. When Muslims speak they lie.
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