Media mogul Gilady steps aside amid rape claims
Associated Press, Ran Boker
Published: 08.11.17, 14:53
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1. Is this Alex Gilady identical to a member of Olympic Cmmt.
ab   (11.08.17)
,an Israeli,which 8 years ago,asked to commemorate Israeli athleetes murdered during Olympics in Munich answered :
"Np,only if we also commemorate Palestinians killed during rescue attempt" ?

2. This old codger is 74 years old..........
mike ,   tel aviv   (11.08.17)
Put it back in your pants Grandad. Disgusting.
3. He must donate his cojones
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (11.08.17)
to a needy man. Possibly to Deri?
4. Say it ain't so Alex: Livneh???!!! :-o
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