Palestinians resume security ties with Israel, eye Gaza enforcement
Reuters and AP
Published: 08.11.17, 16:07
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1. Next step
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.08.17)
Is to create a seamless AND SECURE way for Palestinians to travel between Gaza and West Bank for Palestinians to realise the potential of Gaza - coastal tourism, fishing, offshore gas and oil, water desalination
and especially promotion of Gazas special Islamic heritage - where the prophet spent time drawing inspiration for the creation of Islam - a heritage that Hamas have criminally neglected

Because however the Israel and Palestine states are ultimately configured..we must remove the barriers - the physical, social and ideological that Hamas created to separate Palestinians from each other. Only then can all Palestinians speak with a united voice with confidence and credibility

There is and will only be ONE state of Palestine - not one Fatah Palestinian state and one Hamas Palestinian state and one Islamic Jihad Palestinian state that we seem to have been burdened with now

Step by step we move quietly onwards and onwards
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