Amsalem tells Knesset Netanyahu 'not Nasrallah'
Moran Azulay
Published: 08.11.17, 18:12
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1. Dave Michaels...
Enough is Enough! ,   Israel   (11.08.17)
1. please do review American History because in the USA there have been several presidents who have been hounded to a higher degree.
2. regarding the rest of your comments. "High Crimes and misdemeanors" and "gross negligence" are both American terms. In case you are not aware of the fact the State of Israel is STILL a nation separate and independent from the United States.
3. while we are at it. If we were to copy just one law from the USA and other countries throughout the world. That law should be TERM LIMITS for all elected officials then democratic political life here in Israel would be far far better place!
4. while we are at it. If were were to further evolve the democratic political life here in Israel then we would change the system under which we elect Members of Knesset from the "list system" to the representative system. You know the representative system where each Member of Knesset is responsible to a constituency.
Meantime, do yourself a favor, read, get educated and then come back and share intelligent well formed opinions. :)
2. It is a know fact, that when...
Sarai ,   Israel   (11.08.17)
an MK from the Likud party speaks in the fashion that MK Mr. Absalom is speaking it is because that MK is feeling a serious shove to push him or her out of their MK chair!
Which is to ask, politely, but still asking it:
What is the Likud Party soooo afraid of?
What is the Likud Party soooo furiously ferociously attempting to hide?

The Likud Party will do well to remember that it was Israel Baytanu (Minister of Defense, MK Mr. Lieberman's party) that pushed for raising the entry into Knesset voter percentage (Ahuz HaHasima) and boom! That law, that they passed in an effort to keep other parties out of the Knesset came back and bit them hard...for they lost a HUGE number of seats in the Knesset.
It is entirely possible that one day, Israelis will vote in a different ruling party with a different agenda and then these very tailor made Likud laws will come back to haunt the Likud Party!
Meaning: The Likud Party should remember that what goes around comes around...and they could loose at the very game they are trying to win by CONSTANTLY changing the rules and laws of the game!
3. prosecutors decide not the cops
harold   (11.08.17)
prosecutor weighs the evidence accumulated by the cops and decides to indict or not. the cops do not indict. so this is no big deal.

however, if you look at the first bill, they tried to shield bibi from prosecutions of a minor crimes till the end of the term. when they did not get that, they chose to muzzle the cops from expressing opinions.

so this will not play well with Israeli public. bibi is basically do all he can through his servants to reduce the chances of an indictment. it won't work. bibi's wife will be indicted for certain i n my judgement. and bibi will also be indicted on the cigars and champagne or wine. friends don't give 100s of expensive cigars without expecting nothing in return. the interaction with the media and alleged request for favorable coverage will also be mentioned.

the main reason why you don't want to shield any pm from prosecution is you dont want a potential crook leading the state. amselem said bibi is no nasrollah. he is 100% right about that. nasrollah is 10 x better as a leader especially in war than bibi is or hopes to be.

i would only for bennett and feiglin as lapid is weak on security, and gabbay is offering concessions which will not work. that has been tried and leads to more violence. a new paradigm is needed.

also, an Israeli leader must not put all his dependence on the usa. trump could sell israel out as he did the kurds. bibi, livni lapid herzog and gabbay place too much stock in the USA.

at the very least, bibi volunteered to do combat. he also resisted kerry and obama on concessions even though he needed arabs to walk away from the deal. livni herzog lapid and i assume gabbay wanted to totally depend on obama and give up vital geography. so bibi is better than the traditional opposition but not better than bennett or feiglin.
4. cet idiot veut transformer israel en république bananière
Quelle honte   (11.08.17)
S'il reste encoe un peu de bon sens à quelque uns, ca passera pas.
5. you are all .....
steve s   (11.09.17)
You are all fools to judge based upon media reports. Even if indicted, an individual has the right to defend himself/herself before being found innocent or guilty. If you believe everything printed in the news you are a poor judge. And it's time to accept Ynet for what it is ......... a rumormonger.
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