Cellphones found in child’s underwear in attempted smuggling to security prisoner
Raanan Ben Zur
Published: 08.11.17, 20:14
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Robert ,   Israel   (11.08.17)
So, let me understand the situation: The security prisoner receives family visits, if it is correct what is written in this article. The prisoner's five year old son, smuggles cellphones and SIM cards for his father.
Oh, I finally I got it !! Ours kidnapped boys in gaza don't receive any cellphones from their family visits as they don't have children.
How was it I couldn't understand this before?.
2. Wifi...
Adasa ,   Los Angeles   (11.08.17)
Add more time to the prisoner. No more visits. I wonder how many have made it in. Not good parenting, and the child will never forget this ordeal.
3. Ghattas would probably love to be involved
A ,   OutThere   (11.09.17)
in smuggling illicit articles in children's underwear. Perhaps in his comrade Tibi's underwear too.
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