Will changes in Riyadh lead to new era in Israel-Saudi relations?
Oded Eran
Published: 10.11.17, 23:28
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1. im wondering if the israeli, caught at the austrian border w
epo   (11.11.17)
ith... 25 million euro or was ist 125 million ... has to do with this...

if SA wants to start a confrontation, israel would be of decisive "help".
and surely, israel will get paid for their involvement.
war is expensive.
2. ynet, where are the other posts
3. The Saudis are Islamofascists
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.12.17)
The have spent over $1 Trillion to export their terrorism around the world. Until Islamofascism is destroyed they will never change
4. Let's stop waiting for a "new era" or for some Godot
Avi L.   (11.15.17)
Let's stop waiting for a "new era", the messiah (he already came and he was called Ben Gurion) , the mahdi, the next PM or for some Godot.

MBS is making a coup, if it's got any brain western diplomacy should know that "moderate islam" is a nonsense for western bleeding heart consumption.

So let's not even start considering this total piece of deception ... "moderate islam" ... the usual snake oil sold dearly for the last 40 years.

MBS is making a coup which is destabilizing saudi power structure (saudi cosa nostra) with the arrogance of a rich kid who thinks that he can do whatever he wants because he has the cash.

Israel shouldn't fall for it, desperate PMs shouldn't grab this nonsense in order to try to balance other diplomatic failures and internal scandals.

Saudis will never be on Israel side, for being their legitimacy based on islam and on the falastinian fraud.
Jews and crusaders are ennemies of islam and Israel is "stealing" falastine from the muslims.
Unless some Qatar based Qaradawi declares saudi's blood on the ground.

Anyhow who knows how long will MBS last given he went against nearly every power in the gulf?

Better not stay too close, maybe he already started to change place every night like Saddam and Khadafi and a few others.
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