Netanyahu says he helped Milchan due to his contribution to Israel’s security
Tova Tzimuki, Eli Senyor
Published: 09.11.17, 23:22
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1. in a normal democracy he would have resigned
disgraceful   (11.10.17)
power must have its treats, he wont of his own motion unless he s put behind bars.
2. well I guess ....
steve s   (11.10.17)
Well I guess Channel 2 must have been there for the interview. Since the police claim they have no leaks, Channel 2 could only get these details by being there ............. or it's fake news.
3. Lots of insinuations but no proof of corruption
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.10.17)
Abramovich can only tell lies
4. The witch hunt shall blow up in Left's face some mightily...
5. what did he do?
milking the cow   (11.10.17)
contribution to israels security? what is it,
6. to Zoltan Atlas
Maybe you did not notice, its the police who are continually interrogating our PM and not some left wing org.

Do you know who appointed the present chief of police? Bibi.
7. bibi is better than zioinist union and lapid
harold   (11.10.17)
only bennett and feiglin are vastly more able and courageous to ttake on israel's adversaries. bibi cannot take on nasrollah. and he doesn't have the strength to tell trump no. his wife leads him by the nose.

as for the investigations are concerned, my own judgement is bibi is not intentionally corrupt as some others. he is however clueless tht you don't take thousands of skekels allegedly without expecting the donor to request favours. likewise wine gifts, or getting good press coverage for concessions, etc etc.

bibi will be indicted and so will his wife. if he is replaced by bennett, israeli gains, if he is replaced by a coalition of gabbay and lapid, get ready for concessions and hamastan on the west bank. then the israeli media may have second thoughts. livni, herzog and lapid were all wrong in the gaza war and tunnels.

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