Hundreds pray for return of IDF soldiers’ bodies at Western Wall
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 09.11.17, 23:24
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1. More Is Needed
DSM ,   USA   (11.10.17)
Throughout history prayers alone have failed the Jewish people.
2. They'd better pray for Bibi to grow even ONE testicle!
3. If I was the leader of Hamas I would say thank you very much
zionist forever   (11.10.17)
This is exactly the same as how the Gilad Shalit deal began.
First there is the tough stance by the government refusing to do deals
Next the family start holding various stunts to raise awareness
Then the general public rallies round the family demanding action
Finally the government give into public pressure and releases about 1100 terrorists including killers and the only reason Hamas have kept these bodies it to ransom them for hundreds of terrorists and if the public get emotional the government will cave in again and pay the price Hamas demands again.
4. this is how it happened with Gilad Shalit
zionist forever   (11.10.17)
In the beginning the government talked tough refused to do deals.
Then the Shalit family carried out stunts to get their cause noticed
Then the public started to support the Shalt family & there were mass protests
Then the government got scared so did a deal with Hamas and released 1100 terrorists including killers and now from the looks of it we are going to see it all again.
The greatest ally Hamas have are the emotional Israeli public and the government will cave into Hamas demands again.
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.10.17)
actions speak louder than prayers.
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