Settlers block work on road to Amichai
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 10.11.17, 10:19
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1. "ILLEGAL" according to what law?
OBSERVERMS ,   Tivon, Israel   (11.10.17)
" Residents of illegal outpost of Geulat Zion "
"ILLEGAL" according to what law?
If Yediot KNOWS why Geulat Zion is "illegal" it would be nice to explain to other Israelis what illegality how has been committed.

Instead Yediot probably doesn't know and publishes a point of view disguised as NEWS !

2. settlers are suckers
jay   (11.10.17)
settlers were promised 200 milion shekels by netanyahu for security and calling off protests. you got taken again. bibi will in m y judgmeent not disburse the funds. he'll tell you trump told him don't advance any settler infrastructure. bibi will say what can i do?? Trump gave me the order and i cannot tell him no. i am his servant.

when you find out in practise you are getting nothing from this master of little white lies, i will have a good laugh-you are born suckers.
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