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Gulf state official charges Hariri-Hezbollah collusion
Roi Kais
Published: 10.11.17, 12:28
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1. Hariri in an impossible position
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.10.17)
For years he attempted to walk the fine line between stability and Hezbollah grabbing more and more control

Until in recent weeks he began to suspect plans for Iran-Hezbollah takeover of Lebanon

It is only Saudi Kuwaiti and UAE firmness and leadership that emboldened Hariri to finally speak out

2. hunh?
steve s   (11.10.17)
What "Gulf state official" did all this citing? What kind of journalism is this?
3. Underlies a new confidence in the Arab World
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.10.17)
For decades mired by extremist interpretations of Islam, corruption dishonesty and a permanent sense of grievance the Arab World led by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait and Egypt is beginning at last to put its house in order and put the past behind

And to begin the process we need a vision and a goal..

2030 is not just an economic plan..Its a discourse, a platform for the Arab World to build a different inclusive society..not modelled on the West or the East but based on Islamic and Arab principles of hospitality, friendship, generosity of spirit and learning and educational achievement

Whats been happening in the Mid East is a wake up call for the Arab World

And it looks as if we are awakening

4. Hezbollah is an Iran terror proxy endangering Lebanon
C   (11.10.17)
hezbollah does not represent the interests of lebanon, but the interests
of iran and its vassal syria.

by accepting to be prime minister of lebanon, saad hariri put himself
in a position where he became a de facto puppet of the shia
terror axis.
he most likely does not support the hezbollah government in
lebanon, but he did not have the strength to oppose it either.

iran and its terror proxy hezbollah must be routed out of lebanon.
the shia terror regime of iran poses a direct and imminent
danger to peace in lebanon and in the larger middle east.
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