After Balfour centenary, UK Jewry should never vote for Corbyn
Alexander J. Apfel
Published: 10.11.17, 13:18
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1. FYI Corbin is MP for Finsbury .Most extreme mosque is there.
Alan ,   SA   (11.10.17)
Never mind us Jews,G help UK if he EVER gets to be PM.
2. Many British Jews will vote for him.
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (11.10.17)
They know history ,they know what and who Rothschild is.

They will vote for Corbyn knowing that might finally stop the stranglehold Rothschild has on Judaism.

They chose life and a future for their children ,and not Eugenics and glorious suicide for the Pharao.

Israeli's would be clever to do the same.

3. Chacham
Rimoczi ,   Duesseldorf   (11.10.17)
Betraying, not only Israel, but his own and jewish peoples history, the honour of the jews in GB, his own last refuge! But as normal we have our murders, thieves, why not the Idiots? With or without graduation!
5. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.10.17)
massive PR to discredit him required. where is the Jewish genius of the ad world?
6. Jews love “progressiveness” more than life itself: they’ll
continue voting for that red fascist outfit for many more years....
7. UK Jewry should never vote for Corbyn
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (11.10.17)
Unfortunately as with Obama in the US, many UK Jews are swayed by their own so called Liberal principles which under Corbyn/Momentum camouflage an inherent undercurrent of extreme antisemitism and hatred of Israel.
8. Shach Al Nur, the Muslim terrorist expert on Jihad, not Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.11.17)
9. Remember when the adage was
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.11.17)
" the sun never sets on the Britain?"
Now the sun barely rises in that anti semitic hell hole.
( no disrespect intended but, it IS a hell hole.)
10. Too bad most liberals don't know
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.11.17)
that the KKK was begun by democrats.
According to Donna Brazile, not much has changed as she claims Hillary's cohorts treated her like a slave.

Shabbat Shalom.
11. Many Brits will run because of him.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (11.11.17)
I just hope they run to Israel and leave the Muslims to rule over Britain.
12. Corbin supports bombers of Israeli embassy in london
Sid ,   London   (11.12.17)
Corbin is a major support for the convicted bombers on the Israeli embassy in London in 1994. Says it all!
13. Corbin is a pussy. Beat him.
JVC ,   LA< USA   (11.12.17)
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