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Alan Parsons says no longer in touch with Roger Waters
Ami Friedman
Published: 10.11.17, 23:28
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1. Racist JewNazis only get desperate bottom feeder musicians
2. He shouldn't be touching him anyhow... :-))
3. Alan ,still spreading the NWO gospel
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (11.11.17)
I am the eye in the sky
looking at you
I can read your mind
I am the maker of rules
Dealing with fools
I can cheat you blind

Sing it Alan ,sing it to the Pharao's slaves
it will make your owner happy
4. Politicans should be politicians
Roger ,   Vancouver   (11.12.17)
musicians, musicians. If no body stood up for the oppressed, no body would
help them. Pink Floyd was anti war, and it is incredible Roger Waters to use
his power in the later years of his life to support a good peaceful cause.
Bless Waters.
5. Roger Waters is a flaming anti semite.
6. Soldiers aren't necessarily musicians
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.22.17)
and vice versa.
Would you want a musician defending you and having a soldier play a tune instead? I don't think so unless it e\was David.
7. Roger Waters is an anti semite
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (12.22.17)
who's trying to force other performers to follow suit.

Thankfully, most folks don't pay attention to the old fart.
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