Opinion  Smadar Perry
How Saudi Arabia turned Hariri into its hostage
Smadar Perry
Published: 13.11.17, 08:52
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1. absurd to say that nasrallah wants iran to take over leb
epo   (11.13.17)
... this hasnt happened in decades, and it even seems that iran has gained less influence in lebanon than in other places..

2. abbas just sold palestine in SA
epo   (11.13.17)
the good-boy went to SA the same time (while hariri arrested) and was honored with big money.

he sold the palestinian/gazan arse for this.
hariri refused.

what do you think will come out of that SA influence in palestine/gaza in the future?

any good?

they just planted the next time bomb - and you didnt understand it?

it seems always the same procedure.

3. Completely missing the pont
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.13.17)
This is NOT about Saudi Arabia, nor Israel, nor the US


And the intolerable presence of a foreign Shiast Iran sponsored group of thugs operating INSIDE Lebanon

With Lebanon facing the dire threat DAILY of the possibility of Iran-Hezbollah launching their wars of aggression into Israel, Jordan or Turkey at any time OF THEIR CHOOSING

What if the IRA took over ONE THIRD of England to base 150000 missiles to fire at France or planning to build a naval base to extend their terrorist reach further

The UK wouldn't stand for that FOR A SECOND


His actions have brought the plight of Lebanon to the worlds attention
4. MBS behaves as a immature breaking things
Avi L.   (11.13.17)
Let's stop relating to spoiled brats as rational persons.

MBS (alleged) kidnapping of Hariri is the tantrum of a immature kid smashing things.

If MBS really believes that Hariri could have denounce Iran's maneuvres freely ... he is on the same level than "pundits" who expressed the same inanities, MBS was maybe even using some "lobbying services" on Israel medias, who knows, money has no smell.

MBS grew up as a demi god, but his divinity is limited to Saudi Arabia, BTW anybody remembers Qatar boycott?
Differently to other spoiled immature sons of rich who could shout "you're fired" he is used to be able to say "you're dead".

And Israel should follow such kind of childish "aventurism" ?

The only hope is Al Sissi trying and put some sense into MBS. Maybe
5. dumb world - just say some BS and everyone parrots it
epo   (11.13.17)
.. SA complains that iran wants to increase influence or even "take over" places.

the ones openly paying their religious brothers with money is SA, actually.
in yemen, in palestine and whereever else.

since they couldnt buy hariri, he has to go.
this may have been also assads fault - and so syria was thrown into a civil war.

tell, who is the one supporting terror?

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