Alertness to preparation: Israel's response to Palestinian threats
Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun and Itay Blumenthal
Published: 14.11.17, 11:02
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1. ???Palestinians???
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (11.14.17)
Why does YNET and other media continue to use the terminology of Palestinian to describe the Arabs who live within Israel and those also on its borders.
This nomenclature was a fabrication initiated by that great humanitarian Arafat in the late 60s to give legitimacy to the justification for his PLO war of terror against Jews and Israel.
All these so called Pals are Arabs from the various present Arab nations that were part of the British Mandate.
Why an Israeli media (JP included) should perpetuate this falsehood of a Palestinian entity is plain ignorant and by its persistent use ensures that it gains legitimacy.
2. balanced combination of force
joe   (11.14.17)
bibi's obsession with speeches and wording-defend ourselves with balanced combination of forces, the same language he used in gaza war after an agonizing 50 days of dithering on tunnels shows how unfit he is to be pm. enough with the language and speeches. israel should take out any iranian concentrations close to the border including bases.

polls showed in the gaza war that israelis were fed up with bibi\s performance.the same goes for his limpish leadership vis a vis iran.israel has to be more decisive. he says we stand shoulder to shoulder with moderate arab states against iran. bull-the arabs states do next to nothing against iran and are completely unreliable partners.

so what you have here is a bulls**t artist. leaks coming if true do not paint a good picture.

the netanyahus are only part of the problem. the same old oslo opposition is the same group of disconnected dreamers who endanger israel. and this has been proven. every withdrawal has caused more security problems. a different paradigm is needed.

old habits die out slowly. like in bielski times, those that wanted to take action went to the forests and survived. those that talked a more peaceful way were ultimately slaugtered. bennett is a modern bielski. the rest are shetel jews leading israel to a slaughter/

bibi has to go as he is simply not an effective security leader of the state. he has not earned it.
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