Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
The real Iranian threat on Israel’s northern borders
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 16.11.17, 23:30
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1. Unless we have Vlad 100% on our side (while his interests
remain unchallenged) we cannot sleep sound at night.
2. crime and our humankind.
sjoerd van der velde ,   hoorn (, holland)   (11.17.17)
if everybody agrees/will agree, islam and quoran/koran threat/danger, disaster and every other form of terrorism/terror/crime can be ended now, for, by, with everyone of us, our humankind, on our planet earth and beyond, to avoid another (world-)war, to get security, safety and peace, for example.
3. Sounds like some serious Golan brawling ahead
Cameron   (11.17.17)
You know you'll have all the US backing & weaponry required.

No US combat personnel though.

This will be your business to exclusively handle.
4. Good analysis. Thank Mr. Obama for ME destabilization.
JVC ,   LA. USA   (11.17.17)
5. Wrong! Paper tiger Iran unable to fight on multiple fronts.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.17.17)
6. Fallacious thinking 1
Avi L.   (11.17.17)
"First of all, the presence of Iranian military aircraft and vessels in Syria would allow the IDF to target and destroy them quite easily."
Having iranian airplanes, ships, missiles and whatever more in range of is not something positive.

Until weapons are far away and cannot threaten Israel, they can be in Tehran or in Tasmania, it doesn't make any difference.

But if Iran add them to other weapons from hezballah and Assad and they are in range and they can or could be under S300 and S400 umbrella, then everything changes. Ask any pilot.

Anybody remembers hezballah missile hitting an Israeli ship?
Who wants more of the same, or better missiles?

And who wants missiles to better hit Israel cities?
... Someone would say don't worry, better having those missiles near Tartus than near Tehran, or near shia controled Irak ... of course in order to reach Haifa quicker, more precisely, with bigger payloads ... right.

Iranian weapons in Syria or Lebanon, once the sunnis are vanquished, is very bad news, they will turn on Israel.
7. Fallacious thinking 2
Avi L.   (11.17.17)
"Lavrov made it clear that his statement about legitimate presence in Syria applied exclusively to the Iranians"
Of course, Iranians would not give around iranian passports to afghans, pakistanis or whoever they want to, the play clean.
Who will understand the difference between pashto, dari or farsi? The same UNIFIL who cannot even recognize a bunker while driving a car into it?

"The agreement signed between Russia, the United States and Jordan"
Right rather between Russia and Putin, Donald is what everybody already understood he is and Jordan has not weight at all, they barely contain their own "extremists"

Bottom line: Israel warned (to no avail), Israel will have to go to war.

No thanks for saying that everything is good, while it is the opposite
8. Syria is no longer a sovereign state; it is a failed state
C   (11.17.17)
russian fm. lavrov: "the syrian government invited the iranians...."

assad is a puppet of iran. assad would not survive without the aid
of iran. iran in turn is a vassal state of russia.

the presence of iranian military forces in syria is a material breach
of the cease fire agreement between israel and syria.
russia has no legal authority under international law to turn
syria into an iranian military outpost.
under international law, israel has every right to destroy
iran's military bases in syria.
iran is ruled by a rogue genocidal terror regime which has
numerous times threatened to annihilate the sovereign state of israel.
russia is on the wrong side of history by allying itself with iran.
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.17.17)
I am sure that Israel government has made all adversarial parties aware that in the event of a catastrophic situation major cities of aggressors will be targeted. ME and others involved could better spend resources to create a better economy and benefits for its people rather than spend on military. goes for both sides of conflict. won't happen. so Israel must be prepared to fight.
10. "positive aspects as far as Israel is concerned", really?
A   (11.17.17)
- succeeded in further alienating part of US politicians meddling in what they perceived as their own turf, imagine some foreign president talking in the Knesset against the PM
- contributed to elect a KGB mole as US president
- bet the future of Israel on a Donald with a Chevy Chase act, a serial bankruptor to whom US banks didn't lend a cent, and a KGB puppet
- deluded himself and the Country into believing that KGB col. Putin would be a "special friend"
- let, indirectly, Putin as arbiter of what happens in middle east skys thanks to his S400. What if Putin declares a "no fly zone" above Iran and hezballah missile bases?

The result is that Donald did what Putin wished, Iran will be soon at the gates and it will end in the worst total war Israel has ever seen.

And there are "positive aspects as far as Israel is concerned", really?
Ozem lowered Bamba price?
11. Total war?
Eduardo Weisz ,   Rio de Janeiro   (11.19.17)
I think perhaps there are deeper implications: A Russia Patroned Iranian presence in Israel border could mean an end to the so called technological edge. This, summed up with a 19th century model of influence zones theoretical framework, sounds like a recipe to total war. What do you guys think? Where am I wrong?
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (12.13.17)
They want iol prices raised and they do not what happens or which city gets ruined. No choice, but to give a few big fireworks in Tehran and then they wil back off. The war is for pruice hike and nothing else.
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