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Report: Saudi king to step down next week
Published: 16.11.17, 22:58
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1. Saudi feared when Iran and Israel got together for good
j rechtman ,   la   (11.17.17)
reason, so now Iran will fears Saudi and Israel get-together. The power will shift with who-ever Israel partners, if the Saudi's are willing... Neutrality did not work for Israel in Syria tacit or otherwise.
2. I's good to be king.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.17.17)
Better to be free.
3. Israel, don't get involved. Let Sunnis fight Shias.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.16.17)
4. MBS or the Donald effect 1
Avi L.   (11.17.17)
One more victory point for the axis of evil

The Axis of Evil (copyright Bush II) won a big battle, House of Saud just shot herself in the foot and maybe in the head.

MBS, alone or inspired by some sycophant with or without shias backing, is dismembering Saudi Cosa Nostra, sorry, the Saudi Governance Structure based on dealing and trading and cajoling and threatening and bribing and paying and marrying with the different groups, religious, family, cousins, tribes etc.
5. MBS or the Donald effect 2
Avi L.   (11.17.17)

Last time the sauds resolved to violence to solve internal matters was against the (troskysts) ikwhanis who wanted to "internationalize" wahabism.

Now MBS feels strong enough, or weak enough, to use force to impose his views.

He is bound to bring down, single handedly, the sunni powerhouse (Sauds) the network of sunni opposition to iranian evil which is the last muslim rampart against khomeynist Iran.

Khamenei and his accomplices must be throwing a party, the way Putin did at Donald's election, no vodka though.

One weird is comparing the king, his father, to the queen, a woman?
6. MBS or the Donald effect 3
Avi L.   (11.17.17)
One weird is comparing the king, his father, to the queen, a woman?

Even a western raised person could smell the whiff of disrespect knowing the low esteem women receive in the muslim world at large.

He wants "to pay" Israel to wage war against Hezballah? He sounds deranged.

Like a couple of other dear leaders he accumulate defeats vs Qatar , Houtis , Assad always Iran and like a gambler on a loosing strike (what else) he is looking for "the big win".

The problem is that he is betting the whole Middle East future and that the house is in Tehran.

Will the rest of the Gulf will let this new Caligula trash everything? Will some Pretorian guard stop him?

Anyhow it's better not to count on the guy.
7. crown prince has done more than previous kings combined
C   (11.17.17)
will he be able to keep his kingdom stable while helping in the
destruction of the shia terror regime.
8. rule out nothing but do not be bought off for money
zionist forever   (11.17.17)
If this is true it MIGHT be beneficial to Israel if the Saudis are willing to form an alliance with Israel for the purpose of wiping out Hezbolllah it is certainly worth considering if we have the Saudis working with us to achieve the same thing.
If though their plan os to pay Israel to go it alone like a hired thug then it should be rejected.

If such a deal was done it should include a political reward such as the Saudis formerly recognise and support the annexation of the Golan to Israel and they push the Pals to make concessions to Israel possibly even use political and financial pressure on Abbas to disarm Hamas and formerly unconditionally SA must make peace with Israel now.
Nothing should be ruled out but the benefits to Israel must outweigh the risks taken by the IDF
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (11.18.17)
It is basically the same crap for the rest of teh world anyway. Saudis act as friends of Israel if they get their way with Iran, then they will come back after Israel.
10. The Jerusalem Embassy act passed by Congress 10-23-95
BBB   (11.18.17)
made this Trump promise the easiest ever to facilitate as it is the law the

American act provided for him.

Then remember that Saudi 'sword dance? with president Trump?'

The same one in celebration of convincing president Trump that shelving his

promised move of the US Embassy could wait?

Get the picture?

Money over honor.

Big mistake

Money and fame are fickle.

11. Iran
Anxo   (11.20.17)
Iran and Hezbollah have already consolidated in Syria West
12. Only worth doing if...
Aharon ,   Jerusale, IL   (11.20.17)
Israel is already apart of this Saudi coalition (some what privately). However, Saud should formally recognize Israel and that Jerusalem, Golan, Yehudah & Shomron are formally apart of Israel proper. It won't happen, but that's what should happen.
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