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Giant swastika unearthed in Germany
Associated Press
Published: 21.11.17, 18:06
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1. History cannot be destroyed
History lover ,   Israel   (11.21.17)
It shouldn't be destroyed. It's a reliquary from the past! Ugly but still has a huge historical value!!!!
If Poland managed to keep auschwitz so can Germany
2. Best historical photo would be Germans hacking it to pieces
Evil-liesDeep ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.22.17)
3. Nazism oozes up from Germany's soil.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.23.17)
4. Germanys hidden soul...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.26.17)
5. 80 years does not a new soul make
JustUnderTheSkin ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.04.17)
Im sure not only Jews shudder when they see these things
most of Europe does as well and America should as well
the" European Union " ? or the "Fourth Reich" there are
of course good and kind Germans but I feel they
are still a minority maybe another generation is needed
in the meantime world sleep with one eye open ditto
on Japan
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