PM laments 'no Palestinian Sadat' on 40-year anniversary of Egyptian leader's visit
Moran Azulay
Published: 21.11.17, 20:18
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1. Sadat read the bible
Tova ,   Canada   (11.21.17)
Politics does not bring about peace. Not in Israel or any other country lately,
Sadat read the bible - he believed in the GOD of Israel. Sadat knew the Land of Israel was given to the people by GOD. It was because Sadat read the Bible he made peace with Israel. And for that Sadat was murdered by one of his own.

Today there is no Sadat - nor will be ever be another Sadat. Even so, I'm sure the GOD of Israel took him up to heaven.
2. "He arrived without a 'but' or a 'maybe.'"
A ,   OutThere   (11.21.17)
He arrived with his hands out, looking for American aid for his impoverished country which so stupidly started a war with Israel and lost. Luckily he had Jimmah to help him out.
3. Yo, forget "God & Israel"! Sadat was a Trojan Horse and it
shall become obvious in near future.
Because of him Jews of Israel began the "Long Dream" (with help of lunatics like Peres).
Dream of a normal life in a normal world.
Today West has yet to realize how "not normal" Islam is....
4. death wish
iraj   (11.22.17)
some Israelis particularly in the media seem to prefer dzimmi jew. they hate Israeli sovereignty or rule over others. they hate guns. they question any Israeli leader who does not make concessions. they hate the idea of the nation state of Israel.

i read haaretz articles and cannot believe this self loathing of the idea of israel. the sultan, the czar is preferable even if Jews have to pay a tithe.

after everything that has befallen the Jewish people and it has been severe, that there are still those that play journalistic games hidden behind free speech is too much.

it is really unbelievable. Israel is a democracy. they are luck to have it so they can be free to debase, denigrate, deny and incite. it is like having half your family trying to take down your house.

it would be good for all these people to spend 6 months in gaza or ramallah to test their ideas and find out the real truths. how about ramalie, neopolis and shechem for starters.
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