Opinion  Alex Fishman
Why Russia must take Israel’s interests in Syria into account
Alex Fishman
Published: 22.11.17, 14:29
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1. No Panic on the Titanic
Mr.Reason ,   USA   (11.22.17)
It would be ideal, if all Israeli neighbors, including Syria, would be stable democracies, have peace with Israel, trade and cultural exchange would flux in both direction.
Unfortunately the time is not there yet. The crude oil, the crude oil, the crude oil, ...
The main world reserve currency, $USA, is backed up by the crude oil, since OPEC sells it only for the American green back.
Needless to say, it has pro and contra. For the region it is raather a disaster.
In any case, the US administration has a burden to use the "artificial" financial power, and based on it the military, and political power, responsibly.
Over the last decades the US was the main force there, as in many other places in the world.
Naturally, things which are good for the US, are not necessarily good for the regional countries it has influence in. The Middle East is an example of many.
Russia came to fight the fire, the US and its allies have ignited by instigating wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. The orange revolutions in the Arab world, Ukraine, is also the product of US activities. Short, as long as a major player can act without being hold accountable for its deeds - hiding behind the oceans - chaos will prevail. US has to change for the better of the world.
2. Right, why should it?
Avi L.   (11.22.17)
"Why Russia must take Israel’s interests
in Syria into account "
Why at all? Becausevof the B movie act called Bibi?
Because he sold advanced SAM to all our neighbors?

Gone "special friend" Donald why should "special friend" col. Putin give a damn about Israel?

Trojan horse Turkey, trojan horse Donald, puppet Assad, Bibi ... some kind of Pinocchio maybe?

And what if Iran brings forward its S300?
And col. Putin declares a "no fly zone" over all of Syria and Lebanon, for "humanitarian reasons" and under "legitimate syrian government request"?

Since 1973 Isreal never faced such a threat, and some jobnik wants to teduce defence budget.?

3. this is all about Russia (Putin) controlling the region....
or to put it plainly, Russia First, US tagging along for the ride and Israel will get royally, royally forgotten!
4. putin has little interest in israel
ed   (11.22.17)
russia has always been guided by its interests.6 milion dead jews means nothing to them. speeches by bibi will not do the job. runninf after peace withe herzog and gabbay willl make israel's position worse regardless of saudi smiles.

as the article suggests, idf should wipe out iranian transit and delivery points in syria wihtout hesitation. lieberman can pull the trigger for bibi who on his own cannot do it. and pull the trigger israel should do as iranian encroachment willl increase so long as israel remains passive.

5. IL could have been an asset in stabilizing the region...and?
epo   (11.22.17)
what did you become - the worst offender and trouble maker?

you are already that isolated in your destruction plans, that you have to tie up with saudi arabia.
6. good analysis. Syria remains a real tinderbox.
Rafi ,   US   (11.22.17)
7. Brief but excellent analysis by Fishman. Bravo Alex!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.22.17)
8. This iranian regime, if it wasn't that corrupt
Mazdrovia   (11.23.17)
and ideological and tyrannical at home would be able to live in peace with Israel. They are delivering the promise of a great Persian superpower from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean. Short of wars and with the vested interest that Iran has in stability of the region to develop and expand its assets and gain a dominant control on the price of oil, gas and the shipping lines, they will be able to be an economical superpower. Should that succeed, the new silk road would ridicule the futuristic NEOM being funded by the purge in KSA... The smart israelis would be well advised to also try to establish lines of communication even within that regime and with their military leaders under the (Turkish ) nato umbrella. It doesn't make sense to fall into the common talking point in DC, and depict the whole IRGC, being part of the Iranian arm forces, despite being partly a corrupt mafia, as a terrorist group like isis or al quaeda. Iranians are also smart and players of realpolitik. Granted with a strong conventional power and hopefully indigenous industry like in Israel, they wouldn't need to resort to that kind of operation. Keep your options open. Aka Ochi Tchernye
9. Israel's red lines
C   (11.23.17)
the establishment of permanent pro-iran shia terror forces in syria will
be considered as crossing one of israel's major red lines.

the shia terror regime in iran is irrational. rather than feeding its
people, it is obsessed with annihilating the sovereign state of israel.
iran has no legitimate business being in syria, especially on
territory adjacent to israel. however, the hitlerite regime
wants to spread the shia islamic revolution.
the sooner israel takes care of this problem, the better.
israel cannot wait until iran is dug in on her borders, iranian
permanent bases are built, foreign shia civilians transferred
to syria proper.
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