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Teva expected to lay off about 25% of its Israeli employees
Golan Hazani
Published: 23.11.17, 13:28
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1. Workers must pay tithes and offerings to haShem for protecti
Rivkah   (11.25.17)
protection. The good news is that 75% of the workers at TEVA Israel will not be laid off. Tithes and offerings means 10% to the house of worship, 10% to the poor, and 10% to the Feast Days and Appointed Times of haShem. That is 30% for haShem to rebuke haSatan. Who knows? If enough TEVA employees do that, perhaps haShem will rebuke the CEO of TEVA Israel and stop all the firings.
2. Teva is part of BigPharma mafia cartel, better go down.
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (11.27.17)
3. Funny: in Denmark they announced 10.000 layoffs at Teva!?
For this you need a foreign "genius" at exorbitant salary? Just asking....
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