The Israeli embrace of ‘Zionist anti-Semites’
Yossi Shain
Published: 27.11.17, 23:42
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1. i'm not responsible for brainwashed jewish american leftists
david ,   new york   (11.28.17)
if they "perceive" bannon and trump as anti-Semites, that's only because they are a bunch of "Obama zombies" who believe the lies and manipulation of msnbc and cnn.
thyve completely lost touch with reality.
as for me, I choose to live on planet earth (where trump is the most pro-Israel and pro-jewish president since there were presidents and where bannon is an amazing friend of Israel)
- good luck in your alternative universe
2. Logically
Chaim Vaykinhov ,   Philadelphia   (11.28.17)
It seems safer to deal with people who want to ‘save’ you from hell than those who want to send you there.
3. Disinformation
67tulliye   (11.28.17)
Most people are easy victims of disinformation.
Jews, Palestinians, Russians, American are all the same.
The Palestinian terrorists and activists are the strangest victims.
Their chronic infection has not been cured for over 70 years.
4. Liberal Jews asleep.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.28.17)
What's the matter Ynet? Afraid of winning? G-d forbid we gain the support of millions, tens of millions of evangelical Christians in the US and elsewhere. I know you wouldn't get to bar mitzvah your transgendered children at the Kotel but those diabolical Christ lovers might very well come bail us out when Hezbollah gets around to unleashing its 100,000 missiles at the Jewish State. You guys are endlessly fighting this "culture war" - nothing more than a perversion of Judeo Christian values, but in short order the State of Israel is going to be fighting for its life. Wake up!
5. Total nonsense, indeed worthy of a "professor", of a leftist
6. Barack Obama: "we are all jews"
C   (11.28.17)
barack obama also said that he was a citizen of the world.

barack obama is a populist who has no set principles.

what does it mean to say that "we are all jews?!"
most people would rather die than be jewish.
jews themselves are leaving the faith in large numbers.

it is in israel's self interest to associate with christians who
support israel. the liberal jewish establishment has stopped
supporting israel. this period dates from the election of
barack obama. old antisemitism has risen exponentially
since obama became president, especially in his second
term. the democratic party of the united states has been
destroyed from within.
7. There is no Old anti-semitism
Tova ,   Canada   (11.28.17)
Hatred against Jews and Israel are from the beginning of time. Anti-Semitism will continue until the end of time. Evangelical Christians have always from the beginning been loyal to Jews and Israel. These were the Christians who saved Jewish lives throughout the centuries. At the same time Christians churches are divided. Some of the Christian Evangelical are for Israel and some are not.

Likewise Jews are also anti-semetic. Many Jews have no interest in Israel. They are too comfortable in their own world. Majority of Jews I believe are for Israel. Those Jews who voted for Obama have no idea how Obama is against Israel. The day will come when Jews in the United States/Canada and all western nations will see how blind they are. The Haredi community will also see how blind they are.

I suggest you watch Daystar TV. You will see and learn which Christians are for Israel and which are against.
8. "Zionist anti-Semites" is an oxymoron
C   (11.28.17)
the zionist state of israel is fundamentally jewish.
christians who support israel are considered zionists.
their major goal is to secure the state of israel.
their ideology is undoubtedly christian, but also pro-jewish.
antisemites cannot be zionists.
a more important question is whether jews born as such can
be antisemites. the answer to this question, is yes.
halachic jews are born jews, but they do not necessarily
stay jews.
there are some jews, fortunately not many, who hate judaism
and who hate zionism.
zionism is an integral part of judaism. the city of david, jerusalem,
is the seat of zion. any jew who denies that jerusalem is the seat
of zion, has given up his religion. whether the person is secular
or religious is irrelevant to this point.
9. Paqid, www.netzarim.co.il
Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (11.28.17)
"Many US Jews see Bannon as a radical right-wing ideologist and as an anti-Semite. But ZOA President Morton Klein claimed Bannon was 'a great friend of Israel and the Jews.'”

"Many US Jews" in this case logically means more than a handful and refers to rabid anti-American as well as anti-Israel "born Jew" Bernie-Shumer socialists.

So, the profs "reasoning" goes, "Bannon fits like a glove to Jerusalem's right-wing hand" and in his book, Bannon is antisemitic. Logically: therefore, the prof implies that Jerusalem's right-wing is antisemitic! Or anti-Semitism ≠ anti-Semitism! The Poli Sci emperor is naked! (Remember the Poli Sci students when you were in college? Not all fields of profs are equal. BTW, Poli Sci is an oxymoron. No wonder logical fallacies are inherent!)

Inherent contradictions in the kinds of "anti-Semitism" increasingly demonstrate the oxymoron: anti-Semitism ≠ anti-Semitism! Most of the anti-Jewish persons in the so-called "anti-Semitic" world seem to be "pro-Semitic" -- pro-Arab Semites. So Jewish "Dear Leaders" persist against all reason in nailing us into a logically silly (Poli Sci) delusion-bubble in which antisemitism ≠ antisemitism! And we wonder why we're stuck in the mire. :roll_eyes: Readers need to start talking about misojudaism, the hatred of that which is Judaic (Judaism and Jews), abandoning the notion that the world hates everyone from the Middle East because they simply don't! And misojudaism enables us to distinguish between those who hate things Judaic -- whether or not they happen to be racial Jews, socialist Jews, anti-religious Jews or anti-Israel Jews. What's critical is whether one is misojudaic, not their race!
10. Long live Bannon and the Jewish Right!!
Adam ,   London   (11.28.17)
11. sir
HERMAN ROSEN ,   holland   (11.28.17)
Trump has become one step below Yahweh in the Chasidic community
in the U S and the darling of the Jewish Press..Realize that Bannon
framed the term "Alt Right" to legitimize the right wing Jew haters.
These are the ones who sang at a rally "Jews will not replace us"
as if we wanted to join their club ..I guess
12. Progressive left obsessive use of Nazi for opposing opinion
OK   (11.28.17)
13. Trump an Anti-semite?
Ben ,   Harrisburg   (11.29.17)
Must have made for a very uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday!

Do you know what's the difference between Donald Trump and most Progressive Liberal Jews? Trump's grandchildren are actually Jewish!

Funny? not really, just a very sad truth! The progressive Jews in America have substituted their faith for the "progressive" ideology. They consider themselves "cultural Jews." They call themselves "spiritual", but sadly that spirituality and lack of connection to the faith means that their children do not see value in being Jewish, aside perhaps than to wear the title as a social emblem. These children marry out. In 3-4 generations, they will be the friendly gentiles who tell you how their great grandfather was Jewish.

You think I am being hateful? Look around you! I write the sad truth! If you call yourself a progressive Liberal Jew, how many of your friends married a Jew? .Did you?
14. Not a shred
Dan   (11.29.17)
of evidence that Bannon is an anti-Semite. But Ynet will buy anything the anti-Israel yellow sheet New York Times will print. Ignorants at Ynet!!
15. Obama a friend of Jews?????
Dave   (11.29.17)
You clearly forgot Obama's Cairo university speech where he compared the holocaust to the "suffering" of the Palestinians!!!
16. True friends of Israel & Jews are virtually all rightists
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.29.17)
The Jew hater who loves Israel is like Bigfoot. An urban legend. Specifically a leftist urban legend. There is much talk about the Israel loving Jew haters, but there is no evidence of their existence.

The real Jew haters are almost all leftists; whether Jewish or not. The leftist Democrat Party is full of Jew haters. Cultural Jew haters, such as Roger Waters, are virtually all leftists. Jewish Israel haters, in both Israel and the Diaspora, are all leftists.

On the other hand, the true friends of Israel and Jews are almost all conservatives and rightists. Some of the more prominent ones are Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich...One could go on and on indefinitely.

17. The author of this leftist drivel....
Deavman ,   Ta   (11.29.17)
..has monumentally failed, not only the Jews/ Israelis here in Israel but also the ones in the states.
The Obama era is thankfully over, it will take a few more years for Americans to realize and assess the enormity if the damage done to them . The Jews will also be red- pilled.
18. Don't know of one Israel supporter who is Antisemitic
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.17)
19. Bertram has the same "explanation" for Islam as he(probably)
Delphi   (12.01.17)
has for Communism/Marxism/socialism: it's not the idea, it's the "implementation" that is to blame for tens of millions of Russian/Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean victims of that vile ideology.
Same with Koran: it's all dandy, but the "mistaken" understanding of its contents by the Followers of Religion of Peace is the main cause of untold suffering of Arabs in the Middle East...
Then we have Israel, here things get much "clearer" for obfuscating fools like Bertram.
But hey: we're wasting our breath, the man is ready to die ten times, before he's willing to admit his folly!
20. It is absolutely obvious here: Benassi has a sick mind.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.01.17)
No wonder he/she advocates fighting and dying of Israelis. It is hatred that keeps him/her going. The hatred is the energy source of this deranged person.
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