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'Entry forbidden to Jews' at Polish hotel
Published: 24.11.17, 10:28
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1. And naive Israeli Gov. counted on Poland in recent UNESCO re
ab   (11.24.17)
-solution denying Jewish connection to Jerusalem...
Needless to say Poland voted against Israel
2. Damn but there is no love lost between you lot & the Poles
Cameron   (11.24.17)
The more they remain the same ,and poles have not changed.
4. remarcable -
remarcable ,   judea   (11.24.17)
- muslims not included
5. Americans that don't support a strong Israel are crazy
jos rechtman ,   la   (11.24.17)
they think they are insulated. just like the german jews of the past. mostly young or the naive feeling the "burn".
6. truth
pc ,   lehigh acres fl usa   (11.24.17)
poland does nt realize the soviet union is coming backm and yeah poland will be a sattilie again
7. Please, a Rybak does not Poland make! Just as our own haredi
lunatics do not represent the Israeli public.
I know Poles are antisemitic by birth (I am generalizing here), but this is pure sensationalism!
Stop this crap. Not serious at all.
8. Poland is cursed
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.25.17)
In fact every European nation that gave up her Jews to the Nazi's are cursed for cursing the Jews.
This isn't an idle threat it's a promise.

Genesis 12: 3
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curseth thee:
and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
9. "Sam Smyth" is a ruskie troll from Sawuszkina 55,Sct. Pe-
ab   (11.27.17)
tersburg, the ruskie troll factory.
Ynets censors,so diligent at removing not PC comments ,should have checked it before printing,or like good Ghetto Jews are used to abuse and don't dare to do anything ?
10. No one will be permitted into haShem's kingdom who is not a
Rivkah   (11.27.17)
Jew in their heart. That is the sign that is a horror above all horrors. Many have been burned by dishonest Jews but more have been burned by dishonest Christians and dishonest Muslims and dishonest atheists and dishonest Buddhists, etc.
11. One would think that in name of creativity, Poles would
switch to another scapegoat but hell no: they stick to the true& tried....
12. The Irony....
Koose E Mack ,   NYC   (12.04.17)
Jews are the only ones who can read and understand the sign!
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