Danon allegedly paid off Likud activists for primary support
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.11.17, 09:41
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1. Gangland, what else
Avi L.   (11.28.17)
Top public servants buying subs in order to fill their pocket regardless of defence real needs and potentially harming Israel's security.

Politicos trying to muzzle judiciary because they assembled some motley bickering greedy and nonresponsible minorities

Same bunch of politicos trying to muzzle the police but never cared about common citizen.

Some other public servant caught red handed ...

... while Iran is slowly but surely creeping towards our borders with murderous intent.

2. Our tax shekels hard at work
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.17)
Now we know how unemployment has been kept so low in recent years.
3. why am I not surprised?
MMT ,   Israel   (11.28.17)
In the Likud party they are all kleptocrats and loudmouths!
Time for a change...because when this happened with Labor we voted in Begin and the old Likud.
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