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Memories from a momentous day in Israel's history
Itamar Eichner and Hadar Gil-Ad
Published: 28.11.17, 22:57
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1. You mean the smelly, disloyal leftists were responsible?
DG ,   Israel   (11.29.17)
Can't be clearly this is fake news and the real telegram with Netanyahu's signature has been hidden from the people!
2. recognition
walter lieblich ,   k. ata   (11.29.17)
the UN vote in the GA. did provide for legitimization of the state of Israel
internationally; but only the fight for it by us brought it into being and reality.
3. State of Israel liberated her land with her children's blood
C   (11.29.17)
those were different days. love of eretz yisrael was deeply rooted.
people died for kiddush hashem.
the country was poor and pure.
later, pride and joy were intermingled with ideological fight.
yet we were always one, forged in the crucible of tzahal
the small, destitute jewish state won her independence
with courage and the force of arms
today, israel one of the happiest, and most advanced.
i think the most holy one, keeper of zion, for this
miracle of miracles.
FO ,   Belgium   (11.29.17)
UN General Assembly Resolution 181 was just a proposal, because UNGA Resolutions are not binding! But even not being binding, Resolution 181 was illegal because of the principle of "res judicata" (in French "La Chose Jugée). Unga Resolution 181 breached its own Charter, Article 80! The matter had already been settled by the League of Nations' "Mandate for Palestine" that was voted unanimously by ALL its 51 members in 1922. The Mandate gave the Jewish people the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle anywhere between the Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, in order to create their independent state in accordance to the "Paris' Peace Conference of 1919". The fact that it didn't happen in due time was because of the opposition for a Jewish independent state by the Marxist majority of the Zionist Organization headed by Nahum Sokolow, Haim Weizmann, Sharett, Ben Gurion...
5. where is the clip?
Wish you posted the full clip that describes the UN session.
6. To Israel,
Arnold ,   Loma Linda   (12.07.17)
G-d bless you. I'm an outsider looking in. I'm sure there will be more to come. Again, G-d bless you.
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