Opinion  Smadar Perry
The new peace partners and the next war
Smadar Perry
Published: 29.11.17, 23:32
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1. Race against time
Matt ,   Portage   (11.30.17)
MBS is trying to Westernize SA and it is a race against time. If he succeeds before it all blows up it will bring much prosperity to the country which means money to build defenses. He needs to keep Iran at bay and their ambitions and they will have something to say about it. How this plays out is anybodys guess but the carrot of large economic expansion can be very good for worldwide friends.
2. All we need is shaked in short skirts talking
ervan schrodinger   (11.30.17)
seriously about her ministerial attributions. We can fall asleep if we were only to listen to the content of the speeches but everyone would agree and like to follow sexy shaked. She is irresistible, you have a lethal weapon of mass destruction worth more than all the Jericho missiles.
3. makes you feel cosy to cuddle with hitler 2.0 - rich and mad
epo   (11.30.17)
4. if we would oppose the rich and mad nutjobs, this world coul
epo   (11.30.17)
d be a better place.

because its them who cause death and destruction.

but your choice is?
5. USA/Israel/Egypt/Saudi/Jordan/India vs...
Turkey/Iran/Russia/Hezbollah. I guess that leaves the EU vs. China? Lol.
6. "No longer cold, indifferent ..." - you are kidding yourself
leo ,   usa   (11.30.17)
7. Bertram is as treacherous as Arabs, Muslims and Obama are
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.17)
8. Middle East is one big bucket of steaming excrement, always
was, always will be. It's the nature of Islam, in all its forms & shades.
Israel is like foreign body in otherwise well functioning machine of death, rape, oppression & general mayhem.
How we can survive in this "hood" without becoming "one of them" is a mystery to me.
All this sudden "peace talk" is just another cunning step of Muslims to jockey for a better position to kill the opponents. if for the time being Israel can play a role, they may go with it...
9. trust yourselves and not USA govt
marv   (11.29.17)
whether obama, kerry, carter and now trump, usa would sell israel out in a heartbeat. anyone with any business sense would understand that. bibi who has limited business experience acts like a naive dunce putting all his stock in trump. the embassy will not be moved unless israel sacrifices itself. trump could give a sh*t about israel.

jews have to wake up to history and reality. look what has happened to the kurds. to see the reports of the embassy being moves and then usa says no imminent shows how hopeless israelis have become. i could have told you forget about trump. protect your interest even if a showdown occurs.
10. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.30.17)
the Arab leaders are 'warm' but the Arab people are seething will 'cold' anger. you can't make peace with an enemy that wants to kill you.
11. Smadar,what will we expact? - B.Netany. is AN ENGLISH-MAN in
diplomatic acting - ,   yisrael   (11.30.17)
Smadar,what will we expact? - B.Netany. is AN ENGLISH-MAN in J-lem.. - any more questions? ---- We had the chance to go to peace with Syria and quite with others as well - instead he steamed it up again and again - working for BRITISH-ME-INTERESTS ( see 1920 / 2019/20 !!) - against our LIFE-interests for having quite nighbours and quite calm situation all around - instead going step by step to develope trade and may be tourism and thus creating peaceful athmoshere - B.N. did AND DOES act against these vital interests - not only ours ! - like a child of 4, 5 years in a sandbox - old friends out ,new friends in ,new friends out, next in and out and next and so on - until all these p...-up friends have enough and join togehter..! the result we can imagine - so WHY do we let demolish all by letting B.Nethany. in ? And why do WE think ,we would be able to withstand or win or finance all that gogh and magogh ? So, very strict and simple: lets us set a date /deadline until B.N. has to solve the crises (plural !) in an honest, and not in a B.N. + S.N.-way - an let us supervise it and arrange the steps and way before ! And remeber: We do have that only one and tiny home-land but we let in corruption, false friends and arrogance and ignorance too much - time to wake up as people and act ! otherwise we will once or soon get a horrible wake-up call.
12. exellent analysis. Embassy incident fully exploited by Bibi
Rafi ,   US   (11.30.17)
... for his own political purposes, gross political animal that he is.

In fact Bibi has a long history of insulting & alienating the Hashemites - relationships that Y. Rabin worked years to build.

And same could be said about Netanyahu's relations with the US...
13. Unstable allies
Avi L.   (12.01.17)
How long will MBS last after throwing away the delicate Saudi clan balance?
After going against the religious establishment?
After throwing tantrum against Qatar?
After his failure in Yemen?

Until now Saudi Arabia has been a silent discreet and shy partner who couldn't declare to the islamic family what everybody knew already.
It was on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis.
And it was ok that way

Jordan on the brink of falling into some islamic chaos.

With Egypt everything nice and well, but imagine Israel in bad waters...
14. Minn impostor idiot all out againg with the mad dog's foam.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.03.17)
Originally he is from Mecca and he has lost his mind through lies he continues to spit out. Hating is his forte, always and everywhere. He hates Israelis, Arabs, Americans, Christians, Muslims, everybody on the Left and Center. He hates himself like a mad dog should. It is hard to comprehend why Ynetnews tolerates impostor's insane garble for so long,
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