After embassy shooting, Israel to appoint new envoy to Jordan
Reuters and Ynet writers
Published: 29.11.17, 23:13
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1. misleading ......
steve s   (11.29.17)
I recall clearly the initial reports stating the Israeli guard was stabbed twice, once in the back, and received hospital treatment in Jordan. How can Jordan now claim "the shooting was unprovoked"? Did they not consult the doctor who tended to the stab wounds? Do they think the guard stabbed himself in the back? Do they think the guard shot first and the dead man then stabbed the guard?
2. Let their sworn enemies ISIS, hated Persians destroy Jordan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.29.17)
3. putting this aside diplomacy, kudos to Ambassador Schlein...
CCJ ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
Madam Ambassador Schlein did right, I am glad she is on our team! with respect she has properly placed cojones! After all she took responsibility, she packed the guard into her car and brought him home! I for one am 100% behind her because she stood 100% behind the guard at her embassy!
Her actions speak well for her, for the Israeli diplomatic service and for the State of Israel.
Her actions should be noted by PM Netanyahu as the proper and decisive way to work!
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