Israel launches pilot shuttle program from Gaza to US Consulate in Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 29.11.17, 21:46
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1. Go to hell "humans" from Gaza.
ab   (11.29.17)
2. Hamas-supporting Gazans want to vist the USA! Nope!
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.30.17)
How in the world can the US Embassy interviewer know what's in the heart of these people from Gaza? They voted for Hamas. They come out by the tens of thousands to support Hamas 'Death to Israel' Days (and Hamas tunnel digger funerals.) Their kids go to summer camp where they are taught how to fire AK-47s at Israeli targets! Their schools indoctrinate the students with the glory of jihad and the demonization of Israel. Hamas has hundreds of miles of tunnels throughout Gaza, under schools, mosques, hospitals, private houses, etc., which everyone knows about.

It is simply impossible to know if a resident of Gaza is attempting to gain a visa to the USA to harm us. That's what Hamas terrorism has produced: a group of people that the world will never trust. The story says the family was denied visas. They only have to look in the mirror to find the root of their problem.
3. They can visit US consulate in Cairo or better in S. Arabia
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.17)
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