Billionaire James Packer questioned in illicit gifts affair
Eli Senyor
Published: 29.11.17, 22:45
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1. Interesting
Stan ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
An Aussie goy who is buying residency in Israel by smoozing up to the PM and his family.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (11.29.17)
Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
3. This is all out war of the Left on our democratically elcted
Time to hit back and start digging into ALL of the Lunatic Left politicians, past, present & future rising stars.
Nobody's "innocent" in this business of professional lies, deception and general dishonesty.
Question is: can they do it without the backing of media, that is predominantly letist?
4. One has to love the "impartial" presentation of Pecker on
our "impartial" TV: pictures of him by the pool, in all his obesity...
"See, what unsavory friends Bibi surrounds himself with?"
5. Remind me, who is this pudgy bat-faced boy?
Natalie ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
He's not Jewish? What then has he lost here in our beautiful Jewish nation?
Should someone put in a call to Benzi Gubstein and Lahava? We don't want any shaguses shaguses should marry our girls and definitely no shaguses should marry our boys!
Robert ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
Is his real name "Billonaire James" ?. Or is "billonaire" an honorific title, or an university title?. Why does Ynetnews put his personal condition as a rich man as it were an honorific title or a pejorative one?
7. Let me guess, nuttcracker son also got his first job through
tehraniporou   (11.30.17)
a gift? That is an insult for all those poor hardworking guys who sometimes need to line up in the unemployment lines to get a ridiculous job or those working 16hrs a day to make a living. When you're the pm, why would you even bother to pay something, you are the king, living at the expense of your royal courts and favorite subjects... tsss it is better to laugh than to get outraged how ordinary peoples are everywhere bamboozled by their so-called elites
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