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Giro d'Italia race's 'West Jerusalem' leg raises ire
Oren Aharoni, Reuters
Published: 29.11.17, 23:31
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1. cowerd Giro Organizers
Matan ,   tel aviv   (11.30.17)
Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Period.
If you are wishing for backlah, then cancel the Giro in Jerusalem.

We will not tolerate conditions, about which side of jerusalem
Is conviniant for you. There is no West or East Rome, so there is no West or Eadt jerusalem, and no politics is needed in Sports
2. Not be involved?
john ,   New York   (11.29.17)
"the government of Israel will not be involved in the event." After spending 12 million euro on this major hasbara event?
3. and how much did the Israeli government pay for this?
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