The Left has forgotten what it means to win elections
Amnon Abramovich
Published: 02.12.17, 23:42
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1. Imbecile Abramovich, it is the anti Zionist ideology stupid!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.03.17)
2. Not so Imbecile Abramovich.The Left forgot how to be Zionist
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.03.17)
3. I admit: seeing the name of the author says everything one
needs to know.
It might as well be signed: "Ahmed Tibi"....
4. abramovitch-wake up from your illusions
hy   (12.03.17)
livnig a significant jewish life is not necesarily going to shul and being observant. herzog can be observant and devoted to his only wife. yet he failed to commit to secure israelis by offering olmert style concessions which brought more terror. and israelis who are resilient and gave olmert and bibi plenty of time to take care of enemies, are not scared to death. rather they are scared of policies that would lead to losses in war and terrror. herzog is unable to lead israel in the way that the people trust. they do not trust herzog or lapid.

now as for bibi, you say he is married to his 3rd wife and is non kosher etc. but he tries to take care of security and does not go along willingly with munich surrender policies. but i admit he is very weak, not the dashing commando his resume suggests though he at least served, he is prone to bs people. and if the allegations are proven true, he should be booted out of the pm office. saar and bennett are vastly superior to him.

amnon, your guys are midgets compared to bennett when it comes to security.

and gabbay playacting like he won't make concessions will convince no one. it is the arabs who have to make land concessions.egypt, saudi can promise israel all their efforts to no avail. zohar and haniyeh like iranians want israel dismantled period. so it is time for israel to dismantle some of its enemies. bibi cannot do this because he is weak. your guys have no chance of doing this.
5. The Leftist Mafia Witchunt Media/Police/Left Politicians
StopLeftistTyranny!! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.03.17)
Police Spokeswoman Lapidot in email to MK Lapid " we will do whatever
needed to bring down this government" this is a monstrous crime
that is being planned it musn't be allowed to succeed , someone
needs to call for a massive demonstration against this Mafia Putsch
6. "Left Has forgotten '..I.E.we need to use MORE dirty tricks
TheCorruptLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.03.17)
The foul tactics of the Left anything to reach their goal knows
no limit in the depths they will go to reach it. This Tatooed ego
maniac really does believe he is qualified to be the leader of
the Jewish People and its nation dream on get another tattoo
on your forehead so we can all see who you really are. .
7. Actually :Israel must forget what Left is....
8. Labor plots to turn Israel into 9 mile wide concentration
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.03.17)
The reason why Herzog and Labor do not win elections, and never should, has nothing to do with their Jewish observance. It is much more simple.

When someone plans to establish a terror state in the heart of our sole, tiny, precious, beloved Homeland and turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp...it wouldn't matter if they LIVED in a synagogue. They are a despicable excuse for a Jew and never belong in Israeli leadership at ANY level.
9. Left forgot about real people
Avi L.   (12.04.17)
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