Report: Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital in coming days
Itamar Eichner, Roi Kais, Reuters
Published: 30.11.17, 10:01
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1. The man is noted for keeping his word & following through
Cameron   (11.30.17)
A move to shake the ME to it's very core.
2. Very safe, easy and little cost move
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.17)
The US can declare existing consulate in E. Jerusalem as the embassy in Israel.
3. Trump recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital
dt ,   TA Israel   (11.30.17)
WONDERFUL ! Not a moment too soon. A great President and a courageous one.
4. tic-toc 1st Dec 2017 is coming!
jml ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
that's when POTUS will either sign or not the Presidential Memorandum deferring the move of the US Embassy from TLV to Jerusalem.
Tomorrow will tell with all the interference from fake news my crystal ball is malfunctioning again!
5. King David declared it capital years ago! Trump's irrelevant
JT ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
what Trump and his minions do or don't do has very little to do with G-d's plans for Israel.
or to paraphrase Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hotovely "Americans have comfortable lives!"
6. Who cares,,,,,,
Rob ,   Boston, Mass   (11.30.17)
Hades is the capitol of Hell,,,, who gives a hoot at what Satan does.
7. The 2 most powerful words of 2018,,,
Rob ,   Boston, Mass   (11.30.17)
will be "Fake Jews".
8. If he ever comes near to
Avi L.   (11.30.17)
If he ever comes near to do it ... in exchange for what? "falastine"?

Another sell out like in Syria? A russian base in Haifa?
9. It all depends: he may suffer from gas that day& be in foul
mood and cancel all his tweets including the one about Israel!
10. moishe rabeynu
moishe ,   the world   (12.01.17)
and mosheeach is arriving at the same time.
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