Arab MK slams UN celebration of Israel's independence
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.11.17, 11:31
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1. historical ignorance at its best
r234   (11.30.17)
palestinian grand muftis made classical errors.
1 terror
2.alliance with hitler
3.alliance with kremlin
4.alliance with ayatollahs
5.alliance with baathist dictators

can they seek alliance with enlightened powers?
a change must come one day.

2. Tibi the Traitors should go sell his lies
A ,   OutThere   (11.30.17)
to the phony Hashemite king of "palestine" where he belongs
3. Thinks hes more Palestinian than Palestinians
Sammy ,   Newcast;e   (11.30.17)
We dont need an Israeli pseudo Palestinian MK to start taking on the mantle of a Palestinian leader or yet another ‘champion’ of the Palestinian cause, most of whom simply exploit the conflict in pursuit of their own agendas or ‘standing’

Palestinians didnt elect him, dont want him and after the wholesale debacle outside Al Aksa for WHICH HE IS YET TO ANSWER the majority of Palestinians and Jordanians think hes a joke

He has absolutely NOTHING to offer toward the advancement of Palestinian statehood. Just a massive waste of space

Israelis can keep him with our compliments
4. This man shold drown himself
Samuel ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
In Israel they say "To eat in your dinner plate & sh-t in it too. Shame on you.
5. It's Israel's fault for letting enemies sit in the Knesset
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.30.17)
Tibi is an outrage in every way. However, Tibi is not to blame. If Israel's government is dumb and self destructive enough to let her enemies sit in the Knesset; why shouldn't they take full advantage of it?? Tibi probably laughs, every time he collects his pay check, courtesy of the stupidity of Israel's government.
6. Just do it: relocate Arabs from Israel and all will be fine.
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