IDF retaliates after mortar shells fire from Gaza
Ynet writers
Published: 30.11.17, 17:08
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1. Maybe Israel bombed themselves to start something.
NK ,   NY   (11.30.17)
2. idf using tank fire and airplane response
jerzy   (11.30.17)
idf still refuses to use land based rockets to fire into gaza which the russians have used in their ventures. land based rockets are push button as opposed to flying a plane and then firing rockets or operating a tank and then firing shells.

it is so much easier to fire land based rockets and it equalizes the terror equation. israelis want to be more selective and careful in what they hit that they allow a terror imbalance-hamas and jihad can terrorize israeli farmers near the fence, but israelis cannot terrorize gazans. goldstone has something to do with israel bending over backwards.

in order to get some quiet, it is necessary for israel to terrorize gazans and other adversaries. land based rockets have to be part of the equation.

god forbid on the epitaph for the state of israel, it will say, the jsraelis were a human goldstone observing nation in the laws of warfare. too bad they all died.
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