Palestinian envoy says he beat Israeli over falafel at US university
Itamar Eichner
Published: 30.11.17, 19:07
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1. So histerically &typically funny Islamic garbage coming from
this Arab usurper to a land that never belonged to him or his cursed predecessors! Not only you don’t have “traditional food”, you don’t even have any traditions (except lying/ murdering/raping!
2. A legend in his own mind
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.30.17)
Bet that cowardly Islamofascist invader did nothing but whine. Am about the same age and far smaller - hope he wants to try it with me.
3. Hassassian is from Armenia...
Deavman ,   Ta   (11.30.17) may be he should keep to himself. Also I don't believe his story. American cops don't behave like he described. He would have been detained at least for 24hrs and would have had to post bail. I wonder what the police might say.
4. And then Santa, the Easter bunny and Alibaba appeared...
Erich ,   Jerusalem   (12.01.17)
Thank you Ynet, for sharing this piece of fake news from this piece of crap Fakestinian.
5. I bet .....
steve s   (12.01.17)
I bet the person he beat up was a woman in a wheelchair.
6. fairy tales
Tomi ,   Budapest   (12.01.17)
There are thosands of tales invented or distorted by muslim tale tellers. Similar like this one. To give platform to them in 2017 is charastestic of Arab media. But if we supposed for a moment it was true , what does it prove?
Only, that agressivity and violance is the only method a real palestinian "hero" can resort to.
7. Finally they won a “ War” Duh
FellafalWarrior ,   Jerusalem   (12.01.17)
Is he the inventor of the famous
“Fellafal Missile Catapult “?
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