ICC prosecutor reaffirms she won't open Gaza flotilla probe
Associated Press
Published: 30.11.17, 21:20
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1. scandalous...bensaudi
epo   (11.30.17)
2. why not .......
steve s   (12.01.17)
Comoros should seek to get some compensation from Turkey. Why not share ? Then again, dealing with Turkey runs the risk of being accused of conspiring with Gulen, and arrest or invasion. The wrath of Sultan Erdogan is becoming legendary.
3. the mavi marmara incident
hameed aboughazeh ,   los angeles   (11.30.17)
even the united nations AGREED that that incidence was not israel's responsibility and that ISRAEL'S NAVAL BLOCKADE WAS

LEGAL!!!! LEGAL!!!!!

so, how can the icc prosecute a country, a sovereign country, who instituted A LEGAL BLOCKADE UNDER UN MARITIME LAWS on ITS SHORES TO PROTECT ITSELF???

of course this icc judge realized that SHE HAS NO CASE AT ALL IN LIGHT OF THE UN CALLIN G THE BLOCKADE LEGAL!

the illegal crime was the mani marmara breaking this legal israeli blockade and attacking israeli soldiers that has, according to international maritime law, THE FULL AUTHORITY TO BOARD THAT ILLEGAL SHIP AND STOP IT.

case closed...and to all israeli haters out there....the blocked was legal and the mani marmara breaking it was illegal.
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