Officials: Trump mulls calling Jerusalem Israel's capital
Associated Press
Published: 30.11.17, 23:54
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1. Capital of little Hashemite tribe sheikh is Mecca
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.01.17)
IKE NIKE ,   SAFED HONESTY   (12.01.17)
3. who cares .......
steve s   (12.01.17)
Who cares what the US calls the capital of Israel. Israel determines what their capital is ...... the acceptance by others is unimportant and irrelevant. Anyone wishing to visit the capital of Israel must go to Jerusalem. Why is this so hard to understand?
4. here we go.. another incitement ace from the sleeve...
epo   (12.01.17)
poker until you have your "total war"
ALBERTO EINSTEIN ,   SAFED GENIUS   (12.01.17) move the Embassy do not move it .......It aint rocket science folks....
6. Gee, what's next, recognizing Sun as source of our daylight?
Delphi   (12.01.17)
Once you embark on this journey: it's a slippery slope, you may find yourself starting to tell the truth all the time!
We all know what THAT could lead to.
7. "Mulling" is the key word here.I'm presently mulling robbing
a large bank but I don't really think I've got balls (or brains) to do it successfully :-)
8. How do you say 'FAKE NEWS' in Hebrew?
Avi Israeli ,   Tel-Aviv   (12.01.17)
1. The US State Department and the Arabists that fund the 'Think Tanks' that run US foreign policy will NEVER let the US recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
2. Children of US citizen's born in Jerusalem will NEVER be allowed to change the 'Place of Birth' on their US passport to 'Jerusalem, Israel' (Voted down by the US Supreme Court).
3. The US Consulate's on Rechov Agron and in Arnona will continue to report directly to the Sectary of State and not to the local US Embassy in Tel-Aviv (Only country in the world where this exists).
4. In closed door meetings, Israeli officials are begging that the US continue it's current visa program for Israelis visiting the USA. Between 500,000-800,000 Israelis already live in the US (Some estimates are more than a million). Any change to the US visa requirements will only exacerbate the problem, especially in the 23-30 year old secular, college graduate demographic.
5. Even though this article is today's headline news on yNet's English edition, the story is nowhere to be found in the Hebrew edition. Now, why is that?
Shall I wear a red tie to go with my green shirt or a blue tie to go with my white shirt?
10. Forget about Donald
Avi L.   (12.01.17)
It would be better if Israel Citizens forget about counting on Donald The Mighty Tweeter, better still to start considering him as a liability.

Until now the absolute best that Donald has done is to make empty promises, his worst has been to toe Putin's line.
- Signing a treaty giving the Middle East in Putin's, Erdogan's and Khamenei's hands.
- Letting down the Kurds after promises of a Kurdistan in reward for fighting ISIS street by street.
- Allowing Putin in Egypt without any counter diplomacy.
- Letting Putin encircle Israel with S400.

Forgot something?

Call Jerusalem Israel's capital?
Some delaying used car seller empty blabla, or a bargaining chip for some unsavory concessions to da "falastinians" and the jihad front?

What next to avoid Putinsleaks and getting slammed into a federal prison for the rest of his days as some top US agencies chiefs are waiting for?

Come up with a "deal" where the counter part would be the US cutting funds, armaments to twist Israel's arm?

Why not? He doesn't seem much better than Kim.

Anybody missing Obama?
Anybody wondering if Hillary would have been better?
11. nobody gives a flying what the US pres says, thx to trump
epo   (12.01.17)
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