Candles lit, flowers laid as Arad's residents mourn slain IDF soldier
Ilana Curiel and Itay Blumenthal
Published: 01.12.17, 12:41
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1. Yes you got to feel the pain
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.01.17)
Them armed Yitzhar settlers and their kids shot up 2 Pals, killed one going on a bar mitzvah hike the other day. You got to feel this pain, the pain the dead Pal family feels.
2. #1 justifies Attempted slaughter of children absolute evil
Mentally-illRob ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.01.17)
3. stabbers and killers
jay   (12.02.17)
stabbers and killers need to know those close to them-brothers, sisters, father mother, uncles aunts and cousins etc will be brought in for seveere questionnning. and some of them may end up serving long sentences in jail. so catch the killers and detain all their extended families. houses shoujld be demolished. killers should be eliminated if they cannot be taken alive.

those inciting against israel, cannot hide behind free speech. courts are wrong and complicit in freeing inciters after mild sentences. israelis die as a direct result.

all able bodied israelis men and women shoujld carry guns. it is either us or them. if he stabs you, at least you have a chance to get him. instead the legal authorities restrict guns severely rendering jews defenseless.

most arabs are loyal. but there are enough who are not. leiberman's oath should be brought back and that should apply to members of the knessset.
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