Settler who shot Palestinian suspected of causing death by negligence
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 01.12.17, 17:09
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1. "Settler" a Jewish resident of the Land of Israel "Settler
HeSavedTheChildren! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.01.17)
So he should have let the Arabs massacre the children unbelievable
adult male Arabs attacked a group of young children and now
the story is re written by the Left !!!!!!
Rob ,   Wash. D.C.   (12.01.17)
We are in the COUNTDOWN PHASE: of this "state" of Israel. I did this for the Obama presidency. I counted each day for 8 years, everyday until this evil was gone, this abomination removed from the worlds eyesight. Kissinger remarked in 2012 that "In 10 years Israel will not exist". .There is great consolation just in the thought.
3. last pic: still eating kitkat?
epo   (12.01.17)
4. no problem
b ,   s   (12.01.17)
Are they supposed to wait until death is imminent? Shoot em up.
5. Ynet seems to be missing something..
john ,   New York   (12.01.17)
Oh yes, the other side of the story.
No attempt to interview the two Palestinian heroes or anyone from the Palestinian community in which this group decided to take a stroll.
6. To no. 5
Elem   (12.01.17)
This is not unusual. Those two probably feared repercussions by their community if word got around that they aided the settlers. This kind of thing happened before. A person died after all, so some may see it as aiding the enemy.
7. Dozens of "Palestinians" threw stones and rocks at us...
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.01.17)
A Jew defends himself, and the children under his care, from a murderous "Palestinian" attack, and he ends up being charged with the death of one of his attackers!

This is total insanity. This man is a hero. Children could have been murdered or maimed for life had he not stopped the murderous attack. Every self respecting Jew and Israeli should demand all charges against this courageous man be immediately dropped.
8. ***ALL*** stone throwers should be shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.01.17)
9. Ever heard of the Apartheid Walls of Ireland ? read more...
ApartheidInIreland ,   Jerusalem Israel   (12.02.17)
Just discovered a well kept secret Anti Israel Ireland in this case the
North of Ireland has had for some 25 years some 20 miles of walls
some reaching 25 feet high and some locked at night to keep Catholics
and Protestant Christians from killing each NEVER hear
about those "Apartheid Walls " The Irish call them are you
ready "The PEACE LINES " and hypocrite Irish
anti Israel fanatics never speak of them easier to look the other
way and concentrate on the hated Israel's Suicide Barrier Walls'
What Fkn hypocrites the Irish are ...spread the news about
Irelands Apartheid Walls read about it on Wikipedia
10. Kahane is sooo The Man!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (12.02.17)
mordechai ,   SAN FRANCISCO, CA   (12.02.17)
Negligence?! Sounds to me like the police are the negligent ones and the settler deserves a medal for PROTECTING THE CHILDREN!
12. Ynetnews @8: really?
Doron ,   Haifa   (12.02.17)
13. It's only an investigation
N ,   N   (12.02.17)
There should always be an investigation in a country of law when someone was killed. If he is found to have acted in self-defense, he will be better of than without investigation at all.
14. ?
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.17)
It's time to make falafel for all the Arabs.
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