Official: Trump likely to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital Wednesday
Published: 02.12.17, 13:11
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Dear Mr President , when you recognize Jerusalem as Israel's eternal capital ,you will go down in history as the greatest president of the USA ever.
2. "playing with fire"... Wonder what Erekat
A ,   OutThere   (12.02.17)
and the rest of the Parasitians are going to do about it, angrily refuse the handouts that the US keeps them alive with annually? And his colleagues idiot says recognising Jerusalem will "destabilise the region", when the only thing destabilising the region is Islam.
3. President Trump, just do it, the sooner the better
C   (12.02.17)
the muslims have never done anything for the united states.
quite the contrary.
american lives and treasure were spilled for the muslims to
save them from themselves. in return, america got terror.

jerusalem is the city of david, seat of zion. for over three
thousand years, jerusalem has been the heart of judaism.
4. I think Pres will recognise WEST J as capital.asRussians do!
Alan ,   SA   (12.02.17)
Will he move Embassy. ??????not sure
Will he recognise ENTIRE Jerusalem.??????not sure
5. Everyone please ignore Erakat the Barking Kat
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.02.17)
6. Sea of positive change since Trump became president
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.02.17)
Since Trump became president, we have seen a sea of positive change in America. The U.S. economy is booming. America is back as the global leader. Trump is backing Israel at the U.N., and now he appears ready to recognize Jerusalem as our Eternal Capital. The Republican Party is full of sincere friends of Israel while the Democrat Party is full of foes.
7. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to acknowledge the
well known fact, that a Jerusalem IS the Capital city of Israel, the home of Jewish people. Amazing how dumb politicians are willing to appear just to prove some expedient policy....
8. And on Thursday declare plan for Israel’s destruction by
9. Hey Trump blowhards u chocked on the Kool-aid
Nothing is going ti change...well except for the daily who's going to jail today list!
10. ummm...people he's busy with Flynn, investigations etc
Jewess ,   Israel   (12.02.17)
so don't hold your breath!
11. This will strike like a thunderbolt!
Cameron   (12.03.17)
Interesting indeed it will be to see what degree of friggin' haywire the Arab masses go when the formal declaration is brought forth.

Truly, the ultimate heavy symbolic move.

Mad King Donald shakin' dat ME box!
12. If that happens the Left will choke and enter state of shock
13. He won't do anything
Avi L.   (12.04.17)
He won't do anything.

All this is one more show, a way of keeping himself in the limelight, trying to make the public not to think about the FBI investigation, buying himself some more time the way he did all his life.

Maybe he is realizing there isn't any bailout possible and that the bucket stops in his own hands.

So what?

Will he come up with with raised eyebrows, wide open eyes, opening his arms saying "Look, I Donald, tried my very best but faced with real threat I decided to postpone for love of peace and save lives"?

Because he knew from the beginning he wasn't going to do anything and that he could blame others, giving the impression to be the good guy who tried hard but the bad guys didn't let, all for the sake of peace and security and prosperity.

It was just one more used cars seller trick.
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