What’s new in the IDF’s new Namer APC?
Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.12.17, 18:36
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1. Hashem Yivarech kol Giboray Yisrael ba IDF
froike ,   NY   (12.03.17)
2. namer will be more than an APC
zionist forever   (12.03.17)
What the article does not mention is the Namer is going to be equipped with a cannon on an unmanned turret which will take it from being a simple APC to an infantry fighting vehicle so instead of just taking troops from A-B it can take part in combat.
3. idf still constrained by goldstone and its weak leaders
arieh   (12.03.17)
you can have the namer and other wonder weapons-good but that is not enough. goldstone rules do not work against arab enemies who fight dirty like hell. Putin showed how to do it in Syria by using huge cleansing operations, wiping out city blocks at a time of everything. Israel will have to use huge cleansing operations, special munitions, special commando, and then when it is ripe, commit enough troops to wipe out enemy.

having the namer does not assure that. also, Israelis need to go in with a mindset of Israelis vs the new Nazis and also be well protected.

bibi is incapable of leading such an operation, he is far too weak, he could barely do Gaza if not for Bennett. Lieberman could do it but his Russian loyalties may be a factor. Bennett can clearly lead such a war.

if you want to do poorly in another war with nasrollah, vote for lapid and gabbay. then you will get olmert all over again.
oleg ,   Florida   (12.04.17)
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