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Wine, cigars, cocktails, and tapas
Buzzy Gordon
Published: 02.12.17, 18:25
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1. Lapid Gabai Galon Livney will all be there
LeftistsLoveLuxury ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.17)
They all love their Champaign and cigars
And of course the Tel Aviv Media Mafia
Will definitely all be there making together r their next attack plans
On the democratically elected government
As to how to I democratically bring it down
What a fabulous time wil be had there
2. Times have changed.
David Gurtler   (12.03.17)
Remember the days when all you could was Carmel Grenache Rosé and Sunflower seeds.
3. Che Guevara Bar!!!
Evaristo ,   Modiin   (12.03.17)
I'm surprised at the poor and ignorant choice to name a bar "Che". The infamous and murderous Che Guevara would turn on his tomb if he saw his name used for such a Capitalist enterprise - this is the ultimate oximoron!!

Using "Che" to name a bar or anything else in this world is like naming Eichman or Goebbels to a bar outside of Israel.
4. Boss two remarks, first lets cut the bull sh.t and religion
Tehraniporou   (12.12.17)
for one minute but you are not going to convince me that a kosher Israeli wine is better than a good bordeau. I feel like drinking a good saint-esthèphe and smoke a nice cohiba siglo 3. Second point I hope for everyones sake that nuttyahuuuu doesn't know the address, he'd like to be gifted everything, for king bibi everything should be free
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